Chapter 132: People of Great Sui are Demons and Devils (Part One)

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Since Chenya got injured, his perception of Great Sui changed completely.

When he rode his white tiger and came into this empire named Great Sui which his master said was a place full of demons and devils, Chenya looked at this land with disdain. In his eyes, all other sects and factions other than the Buddhist Sect were all heretics and insignificant.

Chang’an brought him enough shock, but it was only due to its sheer size.

Later, he hid in an inn and disguised as a woman. This wasn’t something shameful for Chenya.

In the eyes of the Buddhist Sect, people’s appearance wasn’t special. However, they believed that women were inferior to men and were sinful.

This was strange and contradictory. Chenya believed that women’s bodies were sins, but he didn’t think the women’s appearance was sinful.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was the first person who changed Chenya’s mind about Great Sui.

This dominating red-robed daoist’s cultivation strength was strange; his repulsive force was unparalleled. Even though his attack method was one dimensional, its power was insane.

When Chenya thought that he had stopped underestimating the people of Great Sui, his heart lurched when Zhuo Buyi appeared.

This was the second time that Chenya got restricted by someone since he came to Chang’an.

The first was Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s Illusion Bind.

The second was Zhuo Buyi’s unique technique.

Chenya didn’t know who Zhuo Buyi was, and he also didn’t know about Zhuo Buyi’s technique. However, he could tell that this man’s technique was even stronger than the red-robed daoist’s technique.

When Zhuo Buyi walked over, Chenya finally realized why this man was stronger than the red-robed daoist.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s Illusion Bind would restrict the body.

However, the technique of the man in front of him didn’t only target the body and didn’t only restrict it.

For a moment, a ton of sweat rolled down Chenya’s forehead. He wasn’t sweating because of the pain; it was due to the fear.

He suddenly realized that he seemed to be naked and exposed before this damn person. He felt like not only was his body not covered by his clothes anymore, his mind was exposed as well.

Many of his darkest secrets were exposed to this man’s calm stare.

He had no dignity at this moment.

His mind was shut off to others, but he found that a force was breaking his mind open with a method that he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t find a way to block this force from ripping out his secrets.

“Who… are you?” Chenya turned his head with difficulty and looked toward Zhuo Buyi.

Zhuo Buyi didn’t reply. He looked into Chenya’s eyes as if there was something in his eyes that was alluring.

Zhuo Buyi was extremely focused.

The more focus Zhuo Buyi was, the more afraid Chenya became.

He tried his best to hide the darkest secrets in his mind; he wanted to find a cloth in his mind to cover his secrets. However, he found that the invading force turned into a sun, hanging above his mind and illuminating all the dark corners in his mind.

This sun was too bright and terrifying; nothing could be hidden from it.

“No wonder.” Zhuo Buyi frowned after a while and said to Phoenix-Chirp Daoist on the side, “This person’s status in the Buddhist Sect isn’t low; he is the most-loved disciple of Wisdom Heavenly Lord. His buddhist name is Chenya, and Great Wheel Wisdom King gave it to him. This person is the most proficient with Flower-Picking Finger and Phaseless Technique. These two things are enough for him to be proud of.”

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