Chapter 132: People of Great Sui are Demons and Devils (Part Two)

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Phoenix-Chirp Daoist nodded and said to Zhuo Buyi, “Mr. Zhuo, my eyes are opened by your technique, drawing on the ground and creating a prison.”

Zhuo Buyi shook his head and said, “Your heavenly eye’s binding effect is endless; my technique already reached its limit. It can’t progress any further even if I work hard on it. You only used a slight bit of your power, yet it is already this powerful. In the future, I can’t think of anyone who could fight against your Illusion Bind.”

“You praise me too much,” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist said with a humble smile.

Then, he walked to Chenya and said coldly, “Although you are a disciple of Wisdom Heavenly Lord, and perhaps you would be worshiped in other places. However, you aren’t anything in Great Sui. Now, I will give you an opportunity. Tell me who saved you and where that person is!”

When Zhuo Buyi stopped looking at Chenya in the eyes, Chenya found that the sun in his mind disappeared. He heaved a sigh of relief; he felt like he just got stained. Even though the stain was still there, it was better than continuing to be stained.

“Why should I tell you?” Chenya replied.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist didn’t get angry. Instead, he nodded and said, “I’m only asking; I know that you won’t tell me.”

“Are people of Great Sui this boring?”

“Is it any of your business?” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist replied rudely and then slowly reached out his hand before placing it on Chenya’s chest.

His move was extremely soft and gentle as if he wanted to dust off Chenya’s robe, but the air around the hand suddenly vibrated when Phoenix-Chirp Daoist placed his hand on Chenya’s chest.

Airwaves radiated outward as if a storm appeared, and the hand was the center of the storm.

Repulsive force!

The repulsive force that appeared now was different from the repulsive force that Chenya experienced a few days ago; it seemed much smaller.

Because it was smaller, there was more pressure due to the high concentration of the repulsive force.

After the airwaves appeared, the repulsive force dashed into Chenya’s body aggressively.

Since Zhuo Buyi still froze Chenya in the same spot, the latter couldn’t move at all.

Therefore, the thin yet violent repulsive force pierced through Chenya’s chest, and a blood arrow dashed out from Chenya’s back, carrying some pieces of flesh.

Chenya’s body twitched uncontrollably, and a streak of blood flowed down his lips.

However, this prideful monk didn’t show any yielding intentions in his eyes.

Zhuo Buyi seemed uninterested in this type of interrogation.

He slowly walked to a big boulder on the side and sat down on it. Then, he looked at the sky through the dense leaves and branches, blanking out. He was a strange person; he always blanked out like this, looking at the sky. Sometimes, he would sit there for an entire day until nightfall.

Instead of saying that it was a strange addiction, it was more like a habit.

No one knew when Zhuo Buyi started to have this habit.

Zhuo Buyi stood out in the crowd, even though he had no fancy clothes and no honorable ridged hats.

Fang Jie had said that if Zhuo Buyi was more casual, many mature women and young girls would fell into his arms.

Fang Jie thought about how he could describe Zhuo Buyi, and he only found one phrase suitable – a scholarly show-off.

Without a doubt, Zhuo Buyi had the strength to show off.

While Zhuo Buyi was looking up at the sky, Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was creating holes in Chenya’s body.

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