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Conquer the World Chapter 133.1

Chapter 133: Everyone Has Secrets (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t know that a few insanely powerful figures were doing something shocking on Godly Spring Mountain that was about 15 kilometers away.

Although this incident’s effect on the world wasn’t as far and deep as the incident about 11 years ago, it would still cause huge upheavals once the news got out.

Of course, Fang Jie didn’t know anything about that incident 11 years ago, and most people in the world didn’t know anything.

The huge effect of what happened 11 years ago led to the peace that Great Sui was experiencing right now. If those people didn’t participate in that fearless operation and sacrifice their lives, Great Sui wouldn’t be this prosperous.

Those people were leaders in the martial arts circle and had insane cultivation strength. They went on an expedition for Great Sui about 11 years ago, and blood stained the land. However, their names couldn’t appear on the history books, and they wouldn’t be praised by others.

Even many influential figures didn’t know about this, let alone ordinary people.

Although what was happening on Godly Spring Mountain couldn’t be compared to that incident 11 years ago, they represented the same thing in essence.

Fang Jie was focusing on competing with his opponents. This was the last test in the entrance exam, and his performance so far was stunning. He didn’t want to mess up in the last second and become someone else’s steppingstone.

Even if he knew that something big was happening on Godly Spring Mountain, he would ignore it and focus on doing well in this test unless it endangered him.

After four rounds of battles, not many people were left standing. Except for those who had been defeated, many people who didn’t think that they had the strength and energy to continue also exited the test wisely.

People thought that this test would last a while, but it was coming to an end after less than two hours.

The big figures who were viewing the exam heaved a sigh of relief. Although the fights were fascinating, many of the big figures weren’t interested in these things, especially those few grand scholars who were sitting here patiently.

Now, less than 20 people were standing.

After one more round, the top ten participants would receive excellent ratings.

Fang Jie received excellent ratings for his five written tests, and he probably got excellent ratings for the first two martial tests. The rating for the third martial test wasn’t announced, but Fang Jie only needed to get through this last round to obtain an excellent rating for the last martial test.

At this moment, Fang Jie wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way.

The person in his way was named Cui Pingzhou.

Boling Cui Family was a first-tier family in Great Sui. Since Cui Pingzhou wasn’t the elder son nor the elder grandson of the family leader, his position in the family wasn’t too high.

Since the young generation of the Cui Family hadn’t matured yet, Cui Pingzhou got the chance to represent Boling Cui Family this time.

To many people, the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy was only an exam, but it was war in the eyes of big families of Great Sui. This was the chance that big families of Great Sui had to compete; they could show off their strength to their opponents and allies.

Cui Pingzhou wasn’t the top talent of the Cui Family, so he wanted to use this opportunity to increase his status in his family.

Therefore, he chose Fang Jie as his opponent.

Fang Jie’s stunning performance so far was one of the reasons why Cui Pingzhou picked him. Another reason was key to him making this decision.

When he walked over to Fang Jie, he looked calm and confident, even though many people didn’t know where his confidence came from. After all, Fang Jie’s strength was enough for many people to be concerned about.

“Are you curious about why I chose you?” Cui Pingzhou asked.

After a moment of silence, Fang Jie shook his head and replied with a smile, “Many people would choose me. You are the one who made the fastest decision.”

Cui Pingzhou smiled and said, “You are smart, extremely smart.”

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  1. mcard

    By a brilliant writer on RRL and webnovel Rise of the union of soviet republics by Weissman

    Only a few lines by a poet unknown, published years after the war came to an end, would remind the humans of those, “people who never existed”:

    “You will never see us, because we do not exist.

    You will never hear of us, because we never happened.

    You will never know the things we do, because we were never there.

    Our names will not be remembered by history or be etched in gold,

    Nor would our statues, like those of heroic men, stand tall and bold.

    Bards will not sing songs of our glories

    And Legends will not tell of our tales.

    Yet, my countrymen! We did what no one could,

    We fought, we lived, where no one could.

    We shed our blood sweat and tear,

    So that the smiles of the children, would have no fear.

    We burned our bodies in hell so that our motherland could be heaven,

    And such was, and always, shall be, because we never existed, my countrymen,

    You and your brethren, will always remain safe.”

    -The words of those, who never existed.

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