Chapter 133: Everyone Has Secrets (Part Two)

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Fang Jie didn’t act humble. He looked toward other participants who were looking his way and answered, “Perhaps many of them are angry that you got ahead of them.”

“It is because they hesitated, just like me,” Cui Pingzhou said honestly, “Although we are from different backgrounds, I truly admire you. I know that someone from a poor background needs to put in several times the work just to reach this level. Of course, no one could doubt your talent. I chose you not only because of your great performance so far. More importantly, I still feel that you are the weakest among everyone who is still in the test.”

He shrugged and said, “Sorry, I’m too direct. Although you just knocked down Xie Fuyao earlier, I thought about it and feel like he is still scarier than you. You already gave it your all, but he wouldn’t show all his strength in this test. You are smart, so you know that I’m not trying to mock you and praise Xie Fuyao. He is also a smart man, so he knows what he needs to show.”

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “Yeah, I know.”

After he knocked away Xie Fuyao, a professor said that it was intense, but Zhuo Banchuan said that one person won just right while the other lost just right; what was intense about it?

Principal Zhuo already saw through the essence of everything.

Xie Fuyao was powerful; he only lost to Fang Jie because he wanted to lose.

Regardless of how famous Xie Fuyao was, he was from a big family that was on the decline. After Great Sui was established, his family’s influence continued to decrease. In his father’s generation, no one even became an official above rank 4.

This was a sad situation for the big family that was extremely influential in the previous empire on this land.

Therefore, a ton of hope was placed in Xie Fuyao.

From this perspective, it seemed like Xie Fuyao should try to rank higher in the Martial Arts Academy. However, if he did that, he would be a fool.

Now, Great Sui was influenced by the new big families that rose to power in the last 100 years and not those families that were already in power in the previous empire.

The new families wouldn’t allow these old families to come back into power and threaten them.

For the Emperor to stabilize Great Sui, he wouldn’t greatly weaken these old families on purpose. However, he would slowly marginalize these old families until they exited the stage.

The Xie Family and Wang Family in Yangtze-South could still be somewhat influential when Great Sui was first established, but these families slowly became third-tier families after about 100 years. After a few dozen years, they might completely disappear.

Now, Xie Fuyao had to change this and bring his family back up. He needed to show himself to the Emperor, but he couldn’t challenge the new families.

Therefore, he chose Fang Jie as his opponent. Although he attacked many people before the training field, pulling many people into the battle, including Yu Xiao, Pei Chuxing, and Cui Pingzhou who were all from big families that were on the rise, and he even challenged a professor of the Martial Arts Academy, his target was Fang Jie.

He pulled that many people into the battle because he wanted to show himself. Also, he lost to Fang Jie on purpose.

When you want to show-off, you need to stop at a certain limit. This limit is always hard to grasp.

Xie Fuyao did well in this aspect. If he was in the very front during the entrance exam, he would attract Principal Zhou and even the Emperor’s attention, but the new families would also pay attention to him.

If he showed enough power to suppress everyone, how could those big families allow him to prosper? Those new families finally suppressed the old families; how could they let their opponents rise again?

If Xie Fuyao truly suppressed everyone, perhaps he would disappear in less than three years.

Therefore, Principal Zhou said that he lost just right.

Xie Fuyao garnished attention as a loser; what was a better way to show off his strength?

Although it seemed like he was disrespectful by challenging a professor, it showed his pride. Perhaps everyone who Xie Fuyao pulled into the battle was in his plan, but Professor Mo Wanwu wasn’t.

Xie Fuyao only challenged Mo Wanwu since his third senior brother defeated this professor years ago, and he didn’t want to bring shame to his third senior brother.

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