Chapter 134: Even the Lives of Ants and Moths are Precious (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t have a pair of eyes on the back of his head, so he didn’t know what was happening behind him.

The dirt stick smashed toward the back of his head. Without a doubt, if it landed, Fang Jie would instantly lose the ability to fight back.

This was the terrifying ability of runemasters. They could turn the forces of nature into many unpredictable attack methods.

Since there were so few runemasters in the world, it was hard to understand their power.

Different from warriors who had clear levels, it was hard to distinguish between runemasters. Although runemasters could be divided into levels, due to their many styles and techniques, they would sometimes counter each other.

For example, a level 5 runemaster who was great with earth runes might defeat a level 6 runemaster who was great with water runes.

Normally, fire runemasters were hard to deal with, and metal runemasters were extremely rare and hardest to deal with.

Cui Pingzhou was great with earth runes. It was heard that when earth runemasters reached level 9, they could alter the terrain and stop hundreds of elite soldiers. Of course, this was only a legend.

Until now, Great Sui never had a level 9 runemaster.

Runemasters needed to sense the forces of nature to be inspired, and they had to control and move forces of nature in their bodies smoothly before becoming a level 1 runemaster.

Any runemaster who could cast a weak elementary rune would be considered a level 2 runemaster.

Since Cui Pingzhou used an earth rune to turn a pile of dirt into a dirt stick, he was at least a level 4 runemaster.

Fang Jie had never battled runemasters before, and he didn’t see the battle between Li Xiaozong and Wu Peisheng in Fangu.

Although he had heard about the powerful abilities of runemasters, Fang Jie thought that they were all lies.

He knew that it seemed like nothing was impossible in this world, and this world was fundamentally different from Earth, he still felt like runemasters were too powerful to appear in the world.

It would take time for him to slowly adapt to this world.

Fang Jie continued to back off, and Cui Pingzhou kept on attacking with fast punches. It was hard to tell which punch was real and which punch was fake.

As a result, Fang Jie had to defend everything. Since he was so concentrated on this, how could he detect the danger coming from behind?

Cui Pingzhou was sure that he had won.

He didn’t want to kill Fang Jie. Since even the Emperor paid attention to Fang Jie, Cui Pingzhou didn’t dare to do anything, let alone that the Martial Arts Academy’s rules stated that no one could kill others.

Even though Cui Pingzhou’s dirt stick seemed powerful, it wasn’t lethal. But if Fang Jie got hit by it, he would puke blood for sure.

If Fang Jie got hit in the back, Cui Pingzhou could instantly move forward and capture Fang Jie.

Comparatively, capturing someone showed more strength than knocking down someone.

When the dirt stick struck toward Fang Jie, Cui Pingzhou smiled.

Then, his smile froze on his face, and the pride on his face turned into surprise.

He saw a unique red light flashed in Fang Jie’s eyes, and then Fang Jie disappeared.

Cui Pingzhuo’s punches were fast but could still be traced by the naked eye, but Fang Jie’s speed was beyond that.

Fang Jie couldn’t sense the danger behind him, but he did see the smile on Cui Pingzhuo’s face.

At this moment, Fang Jie’s leg muscles instantly contracted. If someone touched his legs now, they would be shocked to find that his legs were harder than rocks!

When chatting with Da Quan on the way to Chang’an, Fang Jie said something that Da Quan didn’t understand, and he was too lazy to explain.

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