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Conquer the World Chapter 134.3

Chapter 134: Even the Lives of Ants and Moths are Precious (Part Three)

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Cui Pingzhou who had a pale face cupped his hands toward Fang Jie before walking away, not saying anything else or looking at Fang Jie.

Fang Jie understood Cui Pingzhou’s feelings, but he didn’t think such defeat was worth any empathy.

Fang Jie and Cui Pingzhou’s battle ended earlier; most other participants were still fighting.

Fang Jie stood on the side and watched those battles patiently. He carefully observed others’ battle styles and memorized everything.

On the viewing platform, Royal King Yi suddenly smiled. Yang Yin might have thought about something, and a strange expression flashed on his face.

Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites who was sitting beside him, seemed to have sensed something and glanced at him subconsciously while frowning slightly.

Soon, Huai Qiugong’s attention was grabbed by something else.

Yu Xiao stood on the side with his hands behind his back, and he didn’t look at his opponent who he just knocked down. He looked toward Fang Jie, and it seemed like he was still hesitating about something.

Yu Xiao finished his battle 30 seconds after Fang Jie finished his. Yu Xiao’s opponent was powerful, but Yu Xiao still won the battle in a dominating fashion.

In the first two minutes, Yu Xiao had been defending. Just like Fang Jie, he was forced to step back, but he only attacked once and defeated his aggressive opponent.

His opponent only realized that Yu Xiao had been backing off only to observe him after the defeat.

Therefore, he got angry and had hatred toward Yu Xiao.

Any men would feel uncomfortable when they were being slighted.

Pei Chuxing was the third to finish his battle, and he was only about ten seconds late compared to Yu Xiao.

Xie Fuyao was the fourth. It seemed like he used a ton of strength, and his body tilted forward while his chest moved up and down.

After taking a few breaths, he straightened his body and saw that young man named Fang Jie looking at him.

Xie Fuyao smiled at Fang Jie out of courtesy, then he turned around and walked to the side to rest. It seemed like he didn’t want to fight anymore.

At this moment, Yu Xiao slowly walked toward Fang Jie.

The public road about two kilometers away from Chang’an was bustling with people, and many pedestrians were resting in the tea shop on the roadside.

The tea was cheap here, and it was enjoyable to drink a bowl of cold tea while traveling in the heated summer.

A beautiful woman who was wearing a blue floral dress and carrying a bag sat down in the tea shop. While she drank the tea, she observed Chang’an that was already visible. It seemed like it wasn’t her first time here; she didn’t look shocked by the magnificence of Chang’an at all.

It seemed like she was reminiscing about something.

The owner of the tea shop was attracted by the beauty of this woman, and he frequently peeked at her. His short-tempered wife couldn’t hold it in and pulled his tear. The owner screamed out of pain, and everyone in the shop looked over and laughed.

The owner begged for a while before his wife let go of his ear, and he subconsciously looked in the direction of that beautiful woman as his face and neck all turned red. However, that woman had disappeared, and only a few cash coins were on the table.

-Godly Spring Mountain-

Zhuo Buyi stood straight, and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist looked serious.

An old monk in a grey monk uniform and a golden monk robe appeared before them. He looked genial and kind, and his ears were extremely big; the earlobes almost reached his chin. He looked to be about 60 years old, and he had a round face with no beard.

“You two are forcing me to come out, so here I am.”

This old monk looked at Zhuo Buyi and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist before shaking his head and sighing, “Too bad. I only want to bring my good-for-nothing disciple back to Great Snow Mountain, but I still have to fight. Ah, even the lives of ants and moths are precious; why wouldn’t you treasure your own lives?”

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  1. mcard

    If Master Wheel can come in, will he be able to leave? After all he is in the belly of a strong empire. He’ll probably have to pay 3 years or give up concessions. Unless he’s that powerful, however Empire Sui still stands stronger than ever. Who knows who’ll come out on top?

    I liked the video summoning salt did on speed running on ninja gaiden. Arcus knew that only 1 run out of 200 would be able to fit his requirements and so each run that he was succeeding he called them lottery tickets. Others call them poker chips. While everyone fights for advantages, there comes a time to throw it all in to gamble. However in the end it’s always up to the dice, hence why I prefer tickets rather than chips

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