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Conquer the World Chapter 136.1

Chapter 136: Vajra Your Mom (Part One)

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When the last test finished, all the big figures who had sat on the viewing platform for a whole day stood up and got ready to leave.

Royal King Yi said his farewell to Principal Zhou, and this stingy senior didn’t keep these big figures for dinner.

Everyone knew that Principal Zhou didn’t care about these details, so no one was offended. The big figures all got on their horse-drawn carriages and left with their teams of guards.

Yang Yin, Royal King Yi, invited Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, to travel with him.

This senior who was on the same level as Zhou Banchuan hesitated for a moment before nodding with a smile. Before leaving, he turned around and asked Zhou Banchuan, “When are you going to repay me for my pot of Xinyang Tea?”

Zhou Banchuan pouted and said, “I owe you just because you said so?”

“Old yet shameless.” Huai Qiugong rolled his eyes.

“I’m indeed older compared to you. What? Do you want to be disrespectful toward a senior?”

Huai Qiugong chuckled and said, “You want to repudiate this debt? If the students of your academy learn that you are like this, how can you have any reputation?”

Zhou Banchuan laughed and replied, “The reputation in the Martial Arts Academy never comes from talking.”

Huai Qiugong smiled and shook his head, and he left this place with Royal King Yi. Royal King Yi helped this senior get onto his horse-drawn carriage before waving at Zhou Banchuan.

Zhou Banchuan nodded but didn’t plan on leaving. He walked back to his chair, sat down, and said to Qiu Yu who was standing on the side, “Something happened on Godly Spring Mountain. I already asked Yan Ji to go there, and you can go there to check on the situation as well.”

Qiu Yu grew serious after hearing Zhou Banchuan’s tone, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Did someone hard to deal with come to Chang’an?”

Zhou Banchuan nodded and said, “If nothing went wrong, that little guy named Phoenix-Chirp of One Qi Daoist Temple and Zhuo Buyi of the Royal Guard should be there now. With Yan Ji and you helping them, even if someone big appeared, they couldn’t look down at Great Sui’s martial arts circle.”

“The four of us need to fight alongside each other?!” Qiu Yu was shocked. “Could it be a heavenly lord from the Buddhist Sect?”

“Probably.” Zhou Banchuan nodded.

After a moment of silence, Qiu Yu said, “The Buddhist Sect never set a foot into Great Sui. How could a heavenly lord come here in silence? If it is true, it isn’t only a challenge to the martial arts circle but also Great Sui as a whole. If this person’s identity is confirmed, His Majesty would instantly gather the masters in the Imperial Six Guards. It would be shameful if a member of the Buddhist Sect moved inside Great Sui freely without resistance, even if this member is a heavenly lord. Also, Principal, why won’t you do it yourself?”

“His Majesty wouldn’t send members of the military.” Zhou Banchuan waved his hand and said, “Great Sui has its own sects and factions, and the Daoist Sect is the leader. Regardless of how aggressive the Buddhist Sect is, it is still a sect and not a nation. If His Majesty uses the military to capture this person, then others might laugh at the martial arts circle of Great Sui and say that none of the sects and factions of Great Sui have someone powerful enough to deal with this member of the Buddhist Sect. Even if the people in the martial arts circle could endure the shame, His Majesty couldn’t.”

“As to why I won’t go…” Zhou Banchuan pouted and said, “Even Xiao Yijiu is too lazy to go due to his identity, why should I go? The heavenly lords are Great Wheel Wisdom King’s disciples, and the people of Great Sui believe that Xiao Yijiu is on the same level as Great Wheel Wisdom King. If he goes there, it would look like he is bullying a junior. Plus, that little guy named Phoenix-Chirp is on the same level as the heavenly lords. Unfortunately, even though he is talented, he couldn’t defeat this outsider.”

Xiao Yijiu was Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain.

It seemed like from Zhou Banchuan’s perspective, both Spiritual Master Xiao and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist were little guys. If those two big figures heard this, they might feel awkward.

Qiu Yu understood Zhou Banchuan’s words, so she nodded and said, “I will go now.”

Since the Emperor didn’t want the military to get involved, it was up to the sects and factions to deal with this.

Zhou Banchuan was the principal of the Martial Arts Academy, so no one represented the military more than him. In fact, he was one of the most senior figures in the government and well-respected by the martial arts circle.

He would be lowering his own status by going to Godly Spring Mountain now.

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  1. mcard

    funny thing about powerful people, they are much stronger than most however even they need to eat and sleep. They might be able to control hundreds of thousands and kill millions. However they cannot kill everyone, because in the end they are still human.

    kill 1 and you are a murderer
    kill 10 and you are a soldier
    kill 100 and you are powerful
    kill 1000 and you are a hero
    kill 10000 and you are a general
    kill 100000 and you are a ruler
    kill everyone and you are a god

    yes its from

    Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.
    Jean Rostand,

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