Chapter 14: Confess? (Part One)

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Fang Jie stretched and smiled at himself in the bronze mirror as he said, “I can finally be as handsome as before. This half a month finally went by. I must go out regardless. I will go to Beckon of the Red Sleeve to chat with Little Dot, check-in at the military encampment, and then eat hotpot at Yun’s Meat Shop. Lastly, I will take a hot bath!”

“You sure are living well,” Mu Xiaoyao complained on the beam, “You haven’t gone out for 15 days, so I haven’t had any liquor for 15 days. When you go out today, buy some pear flower wine from Yun’s and being it back first before you wander around.”

“Should I… ask Guest-Prosper Dwell to deliver their top-tier dishes?” Fang Jie smiled and said, “Since I didn’t die and turned a dangerous situation around, we must celebrate. Although Guest-Prosper Dwell’s liquor isn’t as good as Yun’s pear flower wine, it isn’t diluted with water. Besides liquor, Guest-Prosper Dwell’s dishes such as pan-roasted meat balls, squirrel-shaped fish, first-tier tofu pot, and crystal pork elbow… I’m already drooling when thinking about these dishes.”

“Ok, ok!” Shang Guohen wiped the saliva off his lips and said, “In the last while, I’ve been only stealing food from the kitchen, and my mouth has been suffering. We are about to go to Chang’an, so we won’t have the chance to eat the delicacies at Guest-Prosper Dwell if we don’t hurry. Go and order the food! Don’t let us wait too long.”

“I only drink pear flower wine,” Mu Xiaoyao said lightly, and then she turned around and fell silent. Her white and slender legs sway on the beam, making Fang Jie’s eyes move along.

Fang Jie had never seen a woman whose legs were more beautiful and waist was more slender than Mu Xiaoyao’s. Although there were a few pretty girls in Gold Essence Shop, they weren’t on her level.

“I wonder if Yun’s Meat Shop is still open,” Fang Jie suddenly murmured as he thought about Su Tugou, and then he recalled something else.

“Su Tugou left at night, but Fangu already closed all four gates. How did he get out?” Fang Jie thought, “Fangu’s city walls are more than seven meters tall, and people have to fly if they want to get out of the city unnoticed. Although I learned that there are people who can cultivate in this world, I haven’t heard of anyone who can fly.”

Mu Xiaoyao’s light-body skill was already impressive. Just the fact that she could easily leap onto the beam completely changed Fang Jie’s perception of the world that he carried over from his previous life.

“I wonder if I will ever meet Su Tugou again. If I can… I should test him,” Fang Jie self-mocked, “Fang Jie, you want to cultivate too much. Could Su Tugou be a hermit-like master? If that is the case, there are too many hermit-like masters in the world! There are benefits to not cultivating. Even if I can’t stay in the Martial Arts Academy, I can work hard and get a great mark in the official exam, becoming an official of Great Sui. There are many paths in the world; why would I be so stubborn?”

After comforting himself, Fang Jie felt a lot better. After stretching, he asked himself again, “Are there good paths other than cultivation? Yes. Do you still want to cultivate? Yeah! F*cking yes!”

Fang Jie already got used to his boring thoughts, and he laughed and walked out of the door. While walking, he thought, “At night, I should sneak out with Li Gandang, Qiu Xiaoshu, Fu Baobao, and others. Before I go, I have to get drunk with these peers who are close to me.”

“Li Gandang is greedy, but he talks about fate all the time. It is all in fate! I’m living my second life and encountered them. It is worth it to get drunk with them.”

While thinking and walking, Fang Jie suddenly felt like his legs stopped working as he flew back into the room. He did fly, but it was because someone pulled him.

“What is going on?” Fang Jie asked Mu Xiaoyao who pulled him, “Can you not treat me like a sandbag? You know how tough I am now. What if I put a hole into the wall?”

“We have to go now.” Mu Xiaoyao looked at Fang Jie seriously. “Don’t pack up; just bring enough silver certificates and silver taels for us to use. You better disguise yourself like how I taught you. Da Quan, find a good way to escape. We can’t delay any longer. Cultivation masters came into the city… four of them!”

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