Chapter 14: Confess? (Part Three)

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Therefore, Little Dot was bored at this moment, and she was staring at the empty street, blanking out.

Suddenly, two black figures gradually appeared on one end of the street. Little Dot noticed that these two were strangers, and they weren’t from Mongo-Yuan but the inner of Great Sui. For some reason, she felt even colder when seeing them. She instantly closed the window and shut out all the wind and snow.

Mu One and Mu Two both stopped at the gate of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, and they looked at the window where Little Dot was standing at. Mu One shook his head, saying that it wasn’t worth it to make a stop here.

Behind the gate of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, the crippled old man leaned against the gate and smiled with disdain. He murmured, “They are smart.”

Then, this old man continued to drink. It felt like he was going to pass out in the next second, yet he drank a lot more and looked the same.

There was a row of wooden houses at the innermost of the training ground; it was where the officials could rest. When the soldiers practiced, only those who were on or above the rank of captain could go in and rest.

In the wooden house to the left, a shrill scream sounded. It sounded so shrilling that it felt like the dark clouds in the sky got scared.

“You are Li Gandang?” Wu Peisheng laughed and looked at Li Gandang. Then, he pointed at the person who was being tortured and said, “Tell me who he is.”

Li Gandang who was kneeling on the ground, shivering, and peeing his pants quickly replied, “Your Holiness, his name is Qiu Xiaoshu, and he is a sergeant in Troop One…”

Wu Peisheng nodded and walked to Qiu Xiaoshu before saying warmly, “As long as you sign and put your fingerprint on this record that accuses Fang Jie, I promise that you won’t die. What do you think?”

Qiu Xiaoshu shivered, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes. Quickly, the fear disappeared, and he replied, “Juexiao is my brother… I won’t frame my brother…”

“Great! The soldiers of Great Sui are all tough men; I’m happy for His Majesty.” Wu Peisheng clapped and laughed. Then, he sneered, “Pull out all ten of his fingernails. If he still doesn’t nod, then pullout all ten of his toenails. If he still doesn’t agree, take out his eyes, then cut off his nose and ears. If he can still hold on, cut his flesh one slice at a time.”

Shrill screams sounded again. Soon, Qiu Xiaoshu’s fingernails and toenails were all pulled out. The law enforcer from the Court of Judicial Review had done such things many times; his expression didn’t even change when seeing such a bloody scene. He walked to Qiu Xiaoshu with a knife and asked, “Which eye? Left or right?”

Wu Peisheng sighed and walked to Qiu Xiaoshu before whispering, “Now, if we apply ointments, your limbs can still be saved. You will be fine if you accuse Fang Jie. If you don’t… you will lose your eyes, nose, and ears. In the end, you will be cut 3,600 times. I can promise you that you won’t die until the last cut is registered.”

Qiu Xiaoshu who was on the verge of death whispered something, and Wu Peisheng couldn’t hear it clearly, so he got closer.

“I’m… not a timid person. Fang Jie… is my… brother… I… won’t betray him. He can… can trust me… with his back…”

“Kill him!” Wu Peisheng ordered with a cold expression. The law enforcer from the Court of Judicial Review cut Qiu Xiaoshu’s throat with the knife cleanly. His technique was smooth; he didn’t cut the main artery, so not much blood spurted out.

“Li Gandang, right?” Wu Peisheng squatted beside Li Gandang and said, “I will ask you the question; will you confess? Sign and leave the fingerprint?”

“I confess… I confess everything!”

Captain Li Gandang kowtowed like crazy. Soon, his forehead became bloody. Wu Peisheng stood up and smiled, but he suddenly spat and cursed, “Dirty! You are scared into a b*tch! How can you be called a man?”

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