Chapter 140: Good Sign (Part Three)

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This sentence contained two meanings, and Pei Yan understood them. He nodded and replied, “The good thing about being from a poor background is that when the Emperor needs to make an example, he wouldn’t pick from the members of big families. The bad thing is that soon, he will no longer be from a poor background.”

Dugu Yin nodded and said, “Now that His Majesty propped up Fang Jie, I wonder if those who want to kill him in the dark still dare to do it.”

“Only idiots would dare to do it,” Pei Yan said, “How many people were upset by Li Xiao’s nine excellent ratings? How many people did the Second Emperor kill to make Li Xiao into a good example? How many people were angered by Senior Huai when he was coming up? And how many people died because of it? Now, His Majesty is trying to make an example, and let’s see who are dumb enough to jump out. Some people are arrogant and think that they could change everything. Lessons could only be learned after suffering.”

“It seems like the rumor about an upcoming war is real,” Dugu Yin sighed, “His Majesty no longer wants to hide it by doing this.”

He changed the topic and stopped talking about Fang Jie.

“It is a good sign…” Pei Yan smiled and looked at Fang Jie; there was no hostility but also no appreciation.

When Dugu Yin turned around, he didn’t let Pei Yan see the disappointment and anger in his eyes.

When Dugu Yin turned around, Pei Yan glanced at him coldly.

This conversation seemed simple, but how could anything be simple on their level?

One person wanted to instigate the displeasure and anger in another’s mind, but the latter called the former names implicitly. However, both were a little frustrated.

After the Emperor walked into his room in Smooth Spring Garden with Fang Jie, the big figures outside started to leave. The short and passionate ceremony ended, and everyone felt uneasy. They left in groups of twos and threes, and they were all chatting about one thing – war.

It was clear that the Emperor wanted to wage a war. The big figures here today weren’t idiots; they were all great at observing and calculating.

Now, they finally understood why Hou Junci, the former Deputy of the Ministry of War, and Yu Donglai, the former Head of the Ministry of War, got kicked, and why the Two Liangs were promoted after being locked up for close to 12 years.

Aside from being against the war, Yu Donglai and Hou Junci couldn’t be compared to Mou Liangbi and Zong Lianghu in terms of talent.

However, many people didn’t know that the Emperor had been moving soldiers long ago, and they couldn’t imagine that the Emperor had asked Wu Yidao to transport food and weapons to the northwest through the Worldwide Trading Company.

Also, no one noticed that Yang Kai, King of Xu State, was missing in this ceremony.

In the crowd, Huai Qiugong and Yang Yin, Royal King Yi, looked at each other.

Royal King Yi smiled and said, “His Majesty is right; this is a good sign.”

“It is a good sign to His Majesty…” Huai Qiugong said with a smile, “But I’m not sure if it is for that young man.”

“As long as it is a good sign for His Majesty. Would it matter if it isn’t a good sign for him?” Royal King Yi asked.

Huai Qiugong shook his head and slowly walked toward the gate in silence.

Principal Zhou of the Martial Arts Academy followed the Emperor into the room, and he looked toward that young man with slight anticipation for some reason.

The Two Seniors reacted differently to this situation.

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