Chapter 141: Human Skin, Devils and Demons (Part Two)

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This temple was so broken that the four walls were about to collapse. It couldn’t block out wind nor rain. Other than kids who would come here to play with crickets, no one would come here.

In a corner of the temple, an old monk in grey placed down the young man in his arms. After checking the injuries in the latter’s body, this old monk frowned and chanted, “May Wisdom King be kind.”

Then, he took out a small jade bottle and rolled out a dark-green pill before opening this young man’s mouth and putting it in.

Afterward, he found a puddle of rainwater in the temple and fed some to this young man.

It rained a few days ago, and the water was a bit stinky, but this old monk didn’t seem to mind. After feeding the young man, he drank a bit of this water as well.

Then, he sat at a relatively clean place cross-legged and meditated.

After a while, the fainted young man suddenly coughed up a mouth of black blood, and his chest moved up and down aggressively.

The old monk slowly opened his eyes and looked toward the young man, and all the smooth hair on the latter’s head fell like snow. Soon, the young man became bald.

After all the hair fell off, the old monk walked over when the young monk stopped puking blood. He helped the young monk to sit up before lifting the torn clothes. The many bloody injuries on the young monk’s body became scarred.

The pill that the old monk fed to this young monk was definitely an elixir.

Soon, the young monk woke up and saw this genial-looking old monk looking at him. He quickly got up and kowtowed. “I’m useless. Master, please punish me.”

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The old monk sat down cross-legged and said to Chenya with a smile, “Before coming to Great Sui, I already foresaw a tribulation in your fate. If you can pass through this tribulation, it would be beneficial to your cultivation strength.”

“I would have died if it weren’t for you, Master,” Chenya said with his body lowered.

“Idiot. I’m your master, and you are my disciple. Who else will come and ferry you through this tribulation? Before you left Great Snow Mountain, I gave you a meru pill since I knew that you would experience danger. However, you were obsessed and narrow-minded, turning that meru pill into a weapon. Rather than defeating your enemies, you almost lost your life. I’m only displeased since I had to use a bodhi pill to save your life.”

“I realize my mistake.” Chenya kowtowed and said, “I underestimated the people of Great Sui and suffered this defeat.”

“Realizing your mistake and learning from it is growth. Your trip to Great Sui isn’t meaningless.”

“Master, how come you came to Chang’an?” Chenya asked curiously.

“Before you came here, I told you that the Great Western World is the pure land, and the east is a place where devils and demons run loose. Don’t underestimate these devils and demons because of your high cultivation strength. You haven’t cultivated for long, so you don’t know that many big demons who even concerned Wisdom King came from this place. About 11 years ago, there was a big demon who came from Chang’an and traveled west, entering the Great Western World. The Wisdom King detected it and sent disciples to subdue the demon.”

“However, that demon was powerful enough to kill several arhats, and those who came with him were all powerful as well. Hearing that some disciples had died, the Wisdom King ordered my senior brother, Great Freedom Heavenly Lord, and my junior brother, Spiritual Treasure Heavenly Lord, to handle the enemies. Spiritual Treasure battled with that demon and got defeated, and Senior Brother Great Freedom couldn’t handle that demon and stop him from moving toward the west. Due to the arrival of those demons and devils, the Great Western World almost got ruined. The Wisdom King came down Great Snow Mountain and used Vajra’s Anger, finally suppressing that demon. Do you know why that incident 11 years ago was sealed, not allowing the people in the world and the disciples of the sect to know?”

“I don’t get it.”

“The status of the Buddhist Sect will shake if others know about it. Except for the people of Great Sui, everyone else believes that the Wisdom King is unparalleled and invincible. However, the Wisdom King was injured in that battle.”

“Huh?” Chenya looked up with disbelief written all over his face.

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