Chapter 142: Fang Henshui’s Long Journey (Part One)

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[TL Note: Fang Henshui had appeared in Chapter 4 once, and he is going to be a semi-important character to the story.]

Fang Henshui had imagined being chosen by unworldly masters as a disciple many times, learning ultimate techniques and becoming unparalleled.

On his way from his county to Chang’an, he thought that a handsome young man like him would have at least one romantic encounter.

If he didn’t get any of it, it would be unreasonable in his mind.

In fact, he was already 22 years old, yet he didn’t get any.

His life was calm in the first 22 years of his life. He learned martial arts at a young age, but he wasn’t that talented.

His family was resourceful in the county, and his father gave 200 silver taels to the father-in-law of the county magistrate as a gift during that old man’s birthday, getting a job for him as a police officer.

Fang Henshui was quite lucky. After two years on the job, the police chief died in a pleasure quarter. As someone who had the second-best martial arts skills in the county, Fang Henshui became the police chief.

However, no unworldly master appeared in the county for 22 years.

As to romantic encounters, there was none. Fang Henshui dressed up before leaving. He heard that the women in the Capital were all as pretty as fairies and were extremely passionate. He observed himself before his bronze mirror and was sure that he was good looking. However, he overlooked one thing.

His little county was way too far from Chang’an. There were many boats in Yangtze-South, but the magistrate’s office didn’t even have a horse. Plus, the magistrate didn’t give him too much travel allowance, so he could only be as stingy as possible on the road.

After traveling more about 100 kilometers, his brand-new police chief uniform was full of dust. He realized that he wouldn’t have any encounters with women if he didn’t go to a pleasure quarter.

However, would that be romantic encounters?

Fang Henshui was going to the Capital since a murder case occurred in a fishing village in the jurisdiction of his county about a year ago, and the people killed had unique identities; they were all monks. The county magistrate didn’t dare to waste time and wrote a letter to the Ministry of Justice in the Capital.

This case was unique, and the Ministry of Justice thought that it had to be investigated, so the county magistrate was asked to send someone to the Capital to report the details of this case. Fang Henshui was in charge of this case, so he had to travel more than 5,000 kilometers to get to Chang’an.

One command from high-ups could break subordinates’ legs.

Fang Henshui was proud that Great Sui was so big. However, after he started his journey, he realized that it wasn’t a good thing for him. This trip would exhaust him to death if he had to walk!

The good thing was that his family was well-off, and his father who had never been to Chang’an packed him some silver taels. His father told him not to bring shame to the family.

“Do you know how big the Capital is? It is at least ten times larger than the county town! Do you know how big is the Royal Palace? It is at least ten times larger than the magistrate’s office! Do you know how wealthy the rich people are in the Capital? They are at least ten times richer than our family!”

Fang Henshui’s father told him this, and he thought that his father’s imagination was wild. However, he soon found that his father lied to him. Even the smallest state city was more than 30 times larger than their county town, the smallest governor’s office was more than 30 times larger than their magistrate’s office, and the rich people in the state cities were at least 300 times, if not 3,000 times, richer than their family.

The further that Fang Henshui traveled, the more insignificant he felt.

He didn’t dare to waste money on the road, but he could no longer afford to hire a horse-drawn carriage when he reached Capital Region Circuit.

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