Chapter 142: Fang Henshui’s Long Journey (Part Two)

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Now, he finally realized that poor people couldn’t afford to travel. The magistrate was sure that 30 silver taels were enough for him to go to the Capital and return; how ignorant was that.

Fang Henshui started to walk when he reached Capital Region Circuit, and he traveled north along the public road.

When he asked for a bowl of water in a small village by the public road, he learned that he was only about 35 kilometers away from Chang’an.

Then, he saw a broken-down temple not far away. He planned to rest there and then take out the sand in his shoes, pop the blood blisters on his feet, and eat some dried and packaged food. If the temple were clean, he would take a nap before going on the road.

The sun was too aggressive, and his neck skin that was exposed to the sun already started to peel.

When he was about to reach the temple, he suddenly fainted.

When he woke up, he found that he was inside a forest, and two people, one old one young, sat not far away.

“Who are you?” Fang Henshui asked and suddenly remembered that he had fainted. He quickly stood up and cupped his hands before saying, “Thank you for saving me. However, I’m too poor to show my gratitude. I can only ask for your names and set up longevity tablets for you two when I get home.”

After not hearing a response for a while, he straightened his body and looked up. He paused for a second before realizing what was happening, then he took a big jump backward.

“Monks?” He reached for his saber on his belt subconsciously, then he realized that the young monk already took his saber.

That young monk was chopping trees with his saber and quickly made a simple sedan chair that looked like a stretcher.

“Come here.” The young monk beckoned at Fang Henshui and said, “I will be in the front, and you will be in the back.”

“What do you mean?” Fang Henshui asked subconsciously.

Then, he saw the old monk sitting on the sedan chair naturally. His poise and temperament made it feel like this old monk was born as a big figure, and he should be worshiped and carried around by others.

“You mean you want me to carry this old monk with you? No, I can’t do that. Although you two saved my life, I need to work. I need to go to the Ministry of Justice to report a case. You guys can just leave me here. I won’t report you to the local government since you saved my life, but you will suffer if others see you.” While speaking, Fang Henshui didn’t know why this young monk was looking at him with such a strange stare.

“Either you lift the sedan chair with me, or you die.”

Chenya pointed at the big boulder beside Fang Henshui, and a round hole instantly appeared on it. It felt like the boulder was a chunk of butter, and someone poked it with a tube.

Fang Henshui was startled, and he looked at the hole before touching it. Then, he felt like he understood the situation and said, “Don’t try to scare me; this hole was here before!”

Chenya was surprised, and he cursed before pointing at the boulder again.

Another hole appeared on it, and Fang Henshui’s expression changed color. Then, he suddenly felt like his legs softened, and he collapsed onto the ground.

The old monk on the sedan chair ate Fang Henshui’s food, and the young monk in the front also ate his food. However, Fang Henshui didn’t get to eat his food.

On top of his food, Fang Henshui’s water also got taken.

As a police chief, Fang Henshui knew that he should battle criminals to death, but he didn’t have the courage yet.

Before leaving home, his father told him that if he ran into bandits, he should just surrender and hand over his money. Even if he had to become a beggar to find his way home, he should do it. As long as he was alive, he could seek revenge.

Fang Henshui thought this was the best piece of advice from his father; he thought so as well. Although he had practiced martial arts for more than ten years, and he could identify the wounds left by various weapons, his strength was too weak.

His hometown was so small that he didn’t know a single cultivation master.

Now, two cultivation masters were beside him, and they were monks.

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