Chapter 143: Your Turn to Fly is Three Years from Now (Part One)

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Fang Henshui never thought that someone would cut his flesh one day. When the fear overtook him, he couldn’t even sense the pain.

Without question, the fear was more unbearable than the pain. It was his saber that was cutting him, and he couldn’t help but wonder why this pretty hand of this young monk could be so vicious.

The saber lightly twirled around Fang Henshui’s arm, and a piece of flesh was cut off.

When in extreme fear, Fang Henshui still thought about why this damn young monk chose his arm instead of other places.

Comparatively, there was more flesh on his thighs and butt, but he wouldn’t be able to walk afterward.

If the flesh was cut off his shoulder or back, he wouldn’t be able to move the carrying poles anymore.

This young monk was cold and calculative.

When the piece of flesh was cut off Fang Henshui’s body, he covered his mouth with the other hand and didn’t dare to groan. Now, he understood that these two monks were being serious, and he felt how close to death he was.

Even though he was only a police chief of a small town, he had seen corpses before. He was used to others’ death, but it was clear that he wasn’t prepared to face his own demise.

“I won’t escape; I swore.” Fang Henshui pushed these words out between his teeth as sweat covered his forehead.

“Alright, go find water. If you aren’t tired, find some food as well. We are all hungry now,” Chenya ordered calmly before turning to his resting spot with that piece of flesh. He frowned when he looked at that piece of flesh again, wanting to throw it away.

“Do you know why I want you to bring this person of Great Sui with us?” the old monk asked.

Chenya replied, “It would be easier for him to gather supplies for us. After we are sure that those people chasing after us have surpassed us, we can ditch this useless person. He is only a tool for us.”

“No.” The old monk smiled and said, “What is in your hand?”

“Human flesh.”

“It is also food,” the old monk said calmly, “When facing danger, we might not be able to find food for a long time. Taking this living demon with us will allow us to have a few days of food.”

When these words came out of this genial old monk’s mouth, Chenya was so startled that his body shivered a little. He never realized that his master was such a vicious figure.

In his mind, his master would even stop walking when encountering an ant, letting the ant crawl by first, just in case he stepped on them.

However, what his master said pierced into Chenya’s mind like a cold saber.

“This is… human flesh.”

“No, it is meat from a demon.”

“Master, but you said that this person hasn’t awakened his demonic nature yet, so he is still a human and not a demon.”

“When you cut off this piece of flesh, the demonic nature inside him was awakened,” the old monk said as he looked in the direction that Fang Henshui disappeared, “If you sense carefully, you can detect the anger and violence in his mind. Given the opportunity, he will kill you with everything he has. This is demonic nature. If you cut off one more piece of flesh, he would become a real demon.”

“However, if I didn’t cut his flesh, he wouldn’t become a demon, right?”

“I don’t know,” the old monk said while shaking his head, “But you have to remember that the people of Great Sui are all devils and demons. Therefore, killing them and eating them is doing the world a favor; you are only wiping out evils. Ditch your obsession, and you will detect more true kindness. If there is no Great Sui and no devils and demons, how peaceful and prosperous would the world be when everyone is a believer of Buddhism?”

“I got it.” Chenya nodded and savored what the old monk had said. He thought, “That makes sense. If all members of the Buddhist Sect take on the task of eliminating evils by killing devils and demons, then Great Sui where devils and demons run loose wouldn’t exist. Without Great Sui, the Buddhist Sect’s reach would be everywhere in the world, and the world would be filled with true kindness.”

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