Chapter 143: Your Turn to Fly is Three Years from Now (Part Two)

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Then, Chenya said to the old monk, “Master, would it be troublesome if we go back this slowly? Didn’t you tell me that Great Sui might attack Mongo-Yuan? If we can go back earlier and tell Khagan Mong Ge this information, he will be prepared, and Great Sui’s scheme would fall apart.”

“Where is your white tiger?” the old monk asked.

Chenya froze for a second and said in disappointment, “I left it outside Great Sui, the place where we caught that man. However, it didn’t appear when I tried to summon it; I don’t know where it went.”

“It returned,” the old monk said with a smile, “The white tiger is carrying the information that needs to be delivered, and it recognizes the way back. It will be faster than us.”

“Master, you considered everything already.” Chenya bowed.

“We are only traveling slowly so that those people of Great Sui would think their information won’t be leaked. The faster we travel, the faster Great Sui would launch their plan. Just let the white tiger bring back the information, and we can stay in Great Sui for a bit longer.”

“Master, who is the demon that you said is traveling west?”

“I don’t know.” The old monk closed his eyes and faced westward. “But don’t worry. If Junior Brother Ancestral Origin can’t stop him, Senior Brother Great Freedom will do something. If Senior Brother Great Freedom can’t defeat him, the Wisdom King would appear. I don’t think there is anyone in the world that the Wisdom King can’t suppress.”

About 500 meters away, Fang Henshui found a creek and hesitated for a while. In the end, he didn’t dare to escape. He knew that with his strength, he would be captured again before he could get away. Right now, he could only carefully deal with those two monks and wait for the people after them to catch up.

Upon thinking about this, he quietly tore off a sleeve and tied it around a small tree by the creek.

“If I become powerful, I will devour those two evil monks alive!” he thought.

It was already dark when Fang Jie returned to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence.

The Emperor asked him about his background again in Smooth Spring Garden, so Fang Jie had to repeat the lie that he created. However, Fang Jie knew that the Emperor didn’t believe him. After all, he had several powerful guards, which was something that someone from a poor background couldn’t have.

In Fang Jie’s story, he was the child of a rich merchant, and his father got killed by several bandits on his way to Fangu for business. His father took him along for this trip, and the guards fought hard to save him. Since he was afraid of retaliation, he joined the military in Fangu and earned 21 counts of military merit.

Before leaving Smooth Spring Garden, the Emperor gave him a nominal noble title. It wasn’t an official position nor a ranked noble title; all members of big families would get such a title when they were born. However, Fang Jie’s status instantly changed after getting this title.

Fang Jie saw that many lanterns and banners were hung at the gate from afar, and he was surprised, thinking that Wu Yinyu was in trouble. He thought that Wu Yinyu was being summoned into the Royal Palace, and that was why Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence was decorated like this.

When he paced up and got close, he found that he overthought the situation.

Wu Yidao was hosting a big celebration for him.

Fang Jie was touched by this. Wu Yidao was Fang Jie’s second savior since his journey from Fangu. Mr. Zhuo was his first, but there was no doubt that Wu Yidao helped him the most.

After entering the residence, all the servants greeted him with sincere smiles. Fang Jie liked this feeling; he felt like he was home.

When he entered the living room, he saw Wu Yidao smiling on the side.

There was also Chen Qingshan, Mu Xiaoyao, Da Quan, Qi Lin, and Jiu Secai. However, Wu Yinyu who could be described as tsundere was nowhere to be seen. Fang Jie assumed that she was mad at her dad, so he didn’t mind it.

Seeing everyone smiling at him, Fang Jie froze for a second and didn’t know what to say.

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