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Conquer the World Chapter 145.1

Chapter 145: The First Day in the Martial Arts Academy (Part One)

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The two of them only separated after a while.

Fang Jie who was experiencing it for the first time felt like he had fallen into pleasure. For Chen Qingshan who was also experiencing it for the first time, this young man lacked the care that he should show toward her. This young man became berserk, making her not even having the energy to sit upright now

Chen Qingshan felt complicated emotions when she saw Fang Jie’s expression that was slightly twisted due to pleasure; she was a bit happy, a bit pleased, and a bit proud. However, she didn’t feel anything physical other than pain, but she didn’t stop that young man’s aggressive actions.

Right now, she didn’t even know what emotions she had toward this young man.

Everything was too abrupt, even though she thought that she mentally prepared herself.

While panting on the bed, she reached out her hand and smoothed the young man’s hair. Lying beside him, she suddenly wanted to love him.

Chen Qingshan’s fingers slid across Fang Jie’s solid chest, feeling his body temperature and sweat.

Fang Jie, on the other hand, was still intoxicated by the fascinating feeling. He turned his head and saw Chen Qingshan’s soft chest pressed on his chest; one could only feel the fascination in person.

Since Fang Jie still hadn’t calmed down, he didn’t even think about if his action was right or wrong.

However, he liked this moment and wanted to treasure it.

Compared with his bronze body, Chen Qingshan’s body was a little eye-piercing. One of her legs rested over that of Fang Jie, and the curves and beauty made Fang Jie unable to look away.

The two of them hugged each other and stayed like this for a long while. None of them talked, and they calmed down slightly when their breathing returned to normal.

“I… only don’t want to lose to my senior sister. You know that, right?”

Chen Qingshan let go of Fang Jie, and she also moved her legs away. Then, she pulled over the thin quilt and wrapped herself in it; she didn’t even want to show her eyes anymore.

Fang Jie didn’t know how to respond to Chen Qingshan.

Even though Chen Qingshan’s calm words made him a little uncomfortable, the fact that he couldn’t find the words to express himself frustrated him even more.

Until now, Fang Jie didn’t even know what was on his mind. Although he calmed down, he felt like his mind was in more of a mess.

He never imagined that this would happen before he stepped into Chen Qingshan’s room, and he wasn’t able to think in the moment.

Perhaps no man could think logically in that situation.

Seeing Chen Qingshan curled up in the quilt, Fang Jie suddenly felt like this strong woman was extremely fragile at this moment; it felt like she would break if someone touched her.

Fang Jie’s heart ached for her. When he reached out and tried to touch her face that was still red, Chen Qingshan moved back slightly and whispered, “You should go.”

Her voice was slightly hoarse.

Fang Jie’s body stiffed, and his hand froze in mid-air as he didn’t know what to do.

After a while, he slowly moved away his hand. Seeing this, Chen Qingshan’s eyes dimmed a little, and she tightened the quilt around her body and hugging herself.

“Yeah… I should go.”

Fang Jie sat up, and his body was covered in sweat.

He looked at the door and the window.

“They are closed, but are they useful?” he suddenly asked this question.

Chen Qingshan froze and didn’t understand what Fang Jie meant.

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