Chapter 145: The First Day in the Martial Arts Academy (Part Two)

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“I’m still young, yet I’m a man.” Fang Jie smiled dashingly and said, “It doesn’t matter what you say, I’m sitting beside you naked, and you are naked as well. If I open the door right now, how would they react? What else other than being surprised? They should smile kindly and bless us.”

Fang Jie looked at Chen Qingshan in her eyes and said earnestly, “Therefore, even if you are telling the truth earlier, and you are only lying beside me because you don’t want to lose to Sister Xiaoyao, I have to tell you that you are mine from now on. Since you are mine, you need to know something. When you are together with me, I won’t allow you to feel bad.”

“Huh?” Chen Qingshan was surprised and couldn’t react.

Fang Jie could only sigh when he saw this woman zoning out, then he suddenly pulled away the quilt that covered her.

Chen Qingshan’s perfect body was exposed in his eyes again, and Chen Qingshan could only gasp and try to cover her body with her arms.

Fang Jie caught her arms and pressed his body onto hers. He said proudly, “You aren’t allowed to wear that cheongsam in public. If you want to wear it, you can wear it in your room with the door and window closed like now. Slap anyone who dares to approach your room. When others ask you who you are, remember to add that you are my woman. Even though the Martial Arts Academy has rules in place and doesn’t allow students to leave the academy freely, I will sneak back to see you regularly.”

“Why would you want to see me?” Chen Qingshan’s smile was extremely charming.

“Do you!” Fang Jie squeezed those two words through his teeth and pulled Chen Qingshan’s legs open.



“You will be late. The Martial Arts Academy has many rules…”

“F*ck those rules!”

Fang Jie stayed in Chen Qingshan’s room for too long, long enough for Da Quan to chuckle non-stop, for Qi Lin to walk around in the yard, and for the groom of the horse-drawn carriage in front of the gate to sleep and dream.

When Fang Jie came out of the room, they felt like he changed into another person.

It felt like he became a real man, and his chin was slightly raised.

Da Quan was still chuckling, and Qi Lin heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sorry for making you wait so long.” Fang Jie smiled at Qi Lin apologetically, but he glared at Da Quan.

Qi Lin said, “This is the first day. It wouldn’t be good for you to be late.”

Fang Jie replied, “Let’s go.”

Then, he glared at Da Quan and snorted. “You squatted here since the beginning?”

“No, no, no… I just got here. I wanted to call you, but my stomach started to hurt when I got close. I was just about to call you. I swear!”

“BS!” Fang Jie cursed, “You squatted here because you have a stomachache? Are you planning to go number two in your pants?”

Da Quan replied smugly, “Does it have to be that? Plus, I have done worse things.”

Then, he changed the topic and smiled before whispering to Fang Jie, “How was it? You got it?”

“Got what?” Fang Jie rolled his eyes but looked back at the room subconsciously. He saw Chen Qingshan standing by the window in her dress and waving at him.

Da Quan saw the truth in Fang Jie’s eyes and laughed, “I told you so. You got to keep the goodies in the family. If you don’t get these two beauties, then all my teachings would have gone to waste on you.”

Fang Jie felt speechless. After a moment, he told Da Quan about the tailor shop and asked him to monitor those tailors; the blueprints and finished products couldn’t be taken out of the shop.

After Fang Jie walked to the gate, he turned around and looked at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence and whispered in his mind, “Goodbye.”

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