Chapter 145: The First Day in the Martial Arts Academy (Part Three)

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Then, he got on the horse-drawn carriage with Qi Lin.

According to the rules of the academy, each student could bring one attendant with them.

After thinking for a bit, Fang Jie chose Qi Lin.

If he brought Da Quan, the latter might cause trouble. If he brought Chen Qingshan, it would definitely cause a big scene. Although Qi Lin was big and muscular, he was silent and reserved. If others didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t do anything to others.

The horse-drawn carriage moved on the wide street smoothly, and Fang Jie was silent in the carriage.

Qi Lin thought that Fang Jie was thinking about his future in the Martial Arts Academy, so he didn’t disturb him. However, Fang Jie was thinking about what he did with Chen Qingshan earlier. He would think about Chen Qingshan’s body when he closed his eyes; how could he calm down?

Until now, Fang Jie still didn’t know what emotions Chen Qingshan had toward him. He didn’t think it was pure love between a man and a woman. At least he didn’t think he was powerful enough to conquer Chen Qingshan. This woman was sickeningly powerful.

On the way, Fang Jie kept on thinking about why Chen Qingshan made this decision.

When he got to the Martial Arts Academy, Fang Jie felt like he was being hypocritical. Since Chen Qingshan already gave herself to him, he was still thinking about why she liked him. This was a sign of low self-esteem.

After getting off the horse-drawn carriage and looking at the gate of the Martial Arts Academy, Fang Jie swore to himself that he had to work hard just to deserve a woman like Chen Qingshan.

Then, he took a deep breath and walked into the most solemn military academy of Great Sui with Qi Lin.

When Fang Jie walked through the gate, he saw many students chitchatting and peeking at him. It felt like he was a monster, but Fang Jie knew that the chitchats weren’t hostile. After all, his results of nine excellent ratings were enough to make many people respectful of him.

Fang Jie felt different now that he came into the Martial Arts Academy again. He walked through the gate two times before during the entrance exam, and he didn’t really observe this place. This time, he was slow and tried to memorize everything.

The first day didn’t have any courses. After registration, the professors separated everyone into different classes, and they were led to their residences. The students could walk around and get themselves familiar with this place afterward.

There were hundreds of students, and they were divided into ten classes based on their results. Every class would have a student from the top-ten list, so the power distribution was even. Since the Martial Arts Academy often asked two random classes to battle, it wouldn’t work if the strength difference between these classes was too big.

The ten classes were named after the ten Heavenly Stems which was a Chinese system of ordinals, and they were Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui.

Fang Jie was in Class Yi, and he was surprised that Zhang Kuang was also in this class.

[TL Note: The original text is Mo Xidao, but it seems like the author made a mistake based on the later plots. I have made the change to make the story make sense.]

“Fang Jie!” While Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang chatted, Professor Qiu Yu slowly walked over and beckoned at them, “You two, come with me.”

Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang quickly walked over. They all greeted her first and asked what she needed.

Qiu Yu said while walking, “Everyone who can cultivate will be tested to see which direction is the most suitable for them. After that, special professors will come and instruct you.”

“I can’t cultivate,” Fang Jie said calmly.

“I know.” Qiu Yu straightened her bang and said, “The Principal asked me to take you to him, even though I don’t know why.”

“What is the Principal like?” Fang Jie asked.

“A… very ordinary old man,” Qiu Yu replied honestly.

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