Chapter 146: The Principal’s Condition (Part One)

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Fang Jie knew that out of hundreds of participants, half of them had cultivation strength or the potential for cultivation. These people proved their abilities by coming out on top during the entrance exam that had close to 10,000 participants. Even those who had no cultivation strength were talented in martial arts.

Since the students of the Martial Arts Academy were all young, their cultivation strength couldn’t be insanely high.

People like Xie Fuyao and Yu Xiao were few and far between, and it wasn’t shameful for people who just started cultivating to be defeated by experienced martial arts masters. Perhaps in about five to ten years, these people could all defeat those martial arts masters with ease.

Pure martial arts masters wouldn’t dare to challenge cultivation masters who were level 5 and above.

About 170 students were led to the field in the back of the Martial Arts Academy; it was the place where the written tests occurred.

Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang were in the back of the group. Seeing the excited expressions on other students’ faces, Fang Jie no longer felt the envy and jealousy that he felt in Fangu.

Fang Jie wasn’t a saint; he would be jealous of people who were stronger than him. However, he wasn’t ordinary, so many people were jealous of him.

Even though Fang Jie was trying to be lowkey now, other students all looked his way. His performance in the entrance exam was too eye-catching, making his name famous in the Capital. Everyone remembered this young man who was the second person to be able to get all nine excellent ratings in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy.

The people of Great Sui were proud; they were proud of Great Sui’s power and all the talented members of the empire.

Now, Fang Jie was the pride of Chang’an and Great Sui. Just like what the Emperor had said, this was a great sign.

Li Xiao appeared when the Second Emperor got onto the throne, and he seemed to be the good luck that Great Sui needed. After he obtained all nine excellent ratings in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, the Second Emperor had no defeat in his journey of expanding Great Sui’s territory.

This year, another student who obtained all nine excellent ratings appeared when Heaven-Bless Emperor was in power. Would Great Sui experience another great advancement in power?

On one side of the field, a row of more than a dozen professors sat in front of tables, and there were benches on the other side of the tables.

The students lined themselves up into many lines, and they sat down in front of the professors and got checked. The so-called check was the professors taking the students’ pulses and sensing their meridians.

Through this method, the professors could detect the students’ cultivation strength, and they could recommend a path for each of the students.

It was hard to tell which great master created the system, but all cultivation strength was divided into five styles; metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. There were small differences between people, so the professors could tailor a cultivation path for each student.

For both members of big families who were taught by famous masters and people from poor backgrounds who had to figure things out themselves, this was the best treatment that they could get. No one dared to say that they were better at teaching cultivation compared to these professors of the Martial Arts Academy; even the daoists from Pure Joy Mountain and Wudang Mountain didn’t dare to say that.

Fang Jie was the sixth in his line, and Qiu Yu, the female professor with a pair of strange white eyes, was testing the students in this line.

Different from other professors, Qiu Yu didn’t need to take the students’ pulses to sense their meridians. She only needed to sit still and stare at the student sitting in front of her. Then, she would record the information about this student in her notebook.

Clearly, her white eyes had mystical powers. Fang Jie knew that many people in the Martial Arts Academy had innate talents. These professors didn’t get to where they were today only through cultivation strength.

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