Chapter 146: The Principal’s Condition (Part Three)

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“Eh.” Principal Zhou nodded and said, “There isn’t really anything important.”

Fang Jie’s lips twitched as he didn’t know how to reply.

“You… should know that you are lucky in obtaining all nine excellent ratings,” Principal Zhou said after a moment of silence.

Fang Jie nodded and replied, “I know; I need to thank His Majesty and you for the help. If I need to only rely on my own strength, I would be lucky to get into the Martial Arts Academy. However, I’m sure that I will achieve great results under your teachings.”

“BS.” Principal Zhou pursed his lips and said, “Do you really think this way?”

“Eh…” Fang Jie didn’t know much about Principal Zhou’s personality, so he gave a very formal and standard answer. However, it seemed like this old man didn’t like that answer.

Fang Jie knew that his strategy was wrong, so he straightened his body and said earnestly, “I can’t become the no.1 student on my own, but I should be able to get within the top-ten with my strength.”

“That is more honest. Your strength could be ranked in the top-five.” After a pause, Principal Zhou added, “But do you know why you became the no.1 student?”

Fang Jie recalled what Wu Yidao told him when he heard this question. Wu Yidao told him to think about what would be on the Emperor’s mind, so he replied respectfully, “Because His Majesty wants me to be the no.1 student.”

Principal Zhou frowned and shook his head. “You are too fake; I don’t like that.”

Fang Jie froze for a second and thought to himself, “This old man got a strange temper.”

Principal Zhou stood up and walked to the window before looking at the students who were being tested outside. He said calmly, “However, it also means that you are a smart guy. Since this is the case, I will tell you the truth. You know that His Majesty wants you to become the no.1 student, so you must know what this means. You must be prepared. Since His Majesty created a miracle, he won’t allow others to destroy it. But what if someone can pull this miracle down from the sky and break it apart? What would His Majesty do then?”

“I don’t know.”

“His Majesty would destroy you himself,” Principal Zhou said lightly, “His Majesty put you where you are right now, turning you into a miracle. If your future performance doesn’t meet his standard, he would rather let this miracle die early than being dragged down. Destroying you in secret when you are at the peak would still leave behind a legend, and it would still be a miracle. In other words, you are like His Majesty’s face right now, so His Majesty will protect you. However, if he couldn’t protect you any longer, do you think he will allow others to slap his face? He will take care of you himself.”

Fang Jie took a deep breath and fell silent for a while before asking, “Principal, please tell me everything.”

“Am I not clear enough?” Principal Zhou snorted.

Fang Jie didn’t reply. He knew that Principal Zhou had more to say. This old man didn’t summon him here only for this.

“I said that you are a smart person.” Principal Zhou sat back into his chair and looked at Fang Jie with a strange smile while asking, “Do you want to become a miracle? A miracle like Li Xiao? Do you want to become someone extremely powerful and invincible? Do you want your name to be well-known even after 100 years? If you want all that, I can help you achieve it, with a condition of course.”

Fang Jie’s lips twitched as he thought, “So Principal Zhou is a salesman after all.”

“Please speak,” Fang Jie said with a smile.

“Your physique is unique. So unique that I have never seen it before. So…”

“You want to research my physique, right?” Fang Jie asked.

Principal Zhou froze for a second and said with a smile, “Research… not a bad word. Yeah, that is what I want to do. If you are willing, we can continue talking.”

“What benefits do I get?” Fang Jie let go of his worries and said while leaning forward, “Be more specific.”

After a pause, Principal Zhou opened his palms and said earnestly, “First of all… you won’t die from this…”

“Alright!” Fang Jie waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to hear anything else.”

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