Chapter 147: This Is the Reason (Part One)

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Principal Zhou wasn’t a good negotiator in Fang Jie’s eyes. Although his threat-and-reward approach wasn’t bad, his last sentence of promising not to harm Fang Jie’s life gave away his true intent.

Therefore, Fang Jie directly declined this old man’s offer.

Principal Zhou didn’t mention anything tangible.

“Young man, you should know that you don’t have another path in front of you, unless you want to be expelled from the Martial Arts Academy on the first day. Even after you are expelled, I can still capture you and lock you inside a chamber before turning you into hundreds of pieces.” While saying that, Principal Zhou shrugged and told Fang Jie that he didn’t want to do this.

“Goal,” Fang Jie asked after a moment of silence, “Respectable Principal, tell me your goal. You just said that I’m a smart guy, so lies might not be able to fool me.”

“Curiosity,” Principal Zhou replied.

“You are too fake; I don’t like that.” Fang Jie threw this sentence back at Principal Zhou.

“Huh? How come you still don’t understand? You are in no place to negotiate. You are a member of the Martial Arts Academy after you walked through that gate this morning. You can’t survive in this place without listening to me,” Principal Zhou said while drinking tea.

“Do you know of an attitude called die rather than submit?” Fang Jie said with a firm expression.

Principal Zhou almost spat out all the tea in his mouth. He said to Fang Jie with a smile, “Do you know that you only have an interesting physique in my eyes? It doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive. If you truly choose death over submitting, do you need me to provide you with the tools?”

Principal Zhou counted with his finger and said, “Sabers, spears, swords, halberds… the Martial Arts Academy has all sorts of weapons. We also have white silk bands for hanging and deadly poison. If you want to die in a prettier way, I can get someone to clue paper on your face. Your corpse would look better that way. Although you would also die from suffocation from hanging, your tongue might come out, which is ugly.”

Fang Jie sighed in his mind and thought, “Principal Zhou who is respected by many people is actually like this in private.”

“Alright, I won’t ask your goal anymore. However, you got to give me some benefits.”

Principal Zhou thought for a while and said, “You don’t lack beauties and money. Let me think about what else could move you.”

Fang Jie replied with slight anger, “Which b*stard said that I don’t need either?”

“Huh?” Principal Zhou asked in surprise, “You need both? That is easy then. Give me a price; the Martial Arts Academy doesn’t lack money.”

“One million silver taels,” Fang Jie said with his teeth clenching.

“If you give me one million silver taels, I will let you research my body, ok?” Principal Zhou rolled his eyes and snorted, “I can promise you that you will always get great grades in the academy, and you will still be the no.1 student when you graduate. That way, you will be at least a rank 4 colonel after graduation. This is a height that many people couldn’t reach after working hard their entire life.”

Fang Jie shrugged and said, “You finally said something useful. Please continue.”

“As to money, you don’t look like someone who needs money…”

“I’m greedy for money!”

“Let’s put that aside.” Principal Zhou waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about women. I know that you have two great beauties around you. It is tough to find women who are even prettier, but luckily… What do you think about Professor Qiu Yu?”

Fang Jie couldn’t hold it in and laughed, “Principal, you aren’t fit to do business.”

“Just ignore what I said.” Principal Zhou glared at Fang Jie and said, “You won’t be harmed at all!”

“The academy would benefit way more in this deal.” Fang Jie heaved a long sigh and lowered his voice while leaning forward, “I finally know that the government is so concerned about Luo Yao, the Great General of Left Advance Guard in the south. But how come you are so sure that I have the same physique as Luo Yao? If Luo Yao hears about this, aren’t you afraid that he will grow some bad thoughts?”

When Fang Jie said this, Principal Zhou who had a dirty smile on his face all this time froze for a second. Then, he sighed and said to Fang Jie seriously, “Are you forcing me to kill you?”

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