Chapter 147: This Is the Reason (Part Two)

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Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard was one of the most unique people in the world. Many years ago, his sea of qi got shattered, but he didn’t die. No one expected this wastrel to rise again, becoming one of the strongest people in the world when his body no longer had a sea of qi.

Now, Fang Jie was finally sure that Luo Yao wasn’t only a top-tier level 9 master. Fang Jie got lucky and met many level 9 masters. He was sure that people like the crippled old man, Mr. Zhuo, and the red-robed daoist were all level 9 masters. However, none of them concerned the government of Great Sui this much.

Judging from what he knew so far, Fang Jie felt like Luo Yao was insanely powerful.

At least he believed that this great general was more terrifying than Mr. Zhuo and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist. He had seen these two people show their strength. Mr. Zhuo easily froze hundreds of elite soldiers and people like Wang Ding inside Guest-Prosper Dwell. Phoenix-Chirp Daoist was able to create a huge pit in the ground by pointing a finger.

How powerful would Luo Yao be if he was stronger than both?

To find a way to defeat this man, Principal Zhou even wanted to use Fang Jie as a test subject.

Fang Jie suddenly felt like Great Sui wasn’t as stable and peaceful as it seemed.

Although the south of Great Sui wasn’t the richest place, Yong State City was once the Capital of Shang. It was prosperous, and its waterways and roads were developed and well-maintained.

Since the Shang Empire wasn’t conquered long ago, the people in the south weren’t completely merged into Great Sui. Therefore, the government asked Luo Yao to stay in Yong State City to deter those who were still hostile toward Great Sui.

As a result, Luo Yao’s power was too big.

The south of Great Sui was too far from the Capital, and the edict from the Emperor wasn’t as influential as Luo Yao’s command.

The longer Luo Yao stayed in the south, the more concerned the government would be. Although Luo Yao was only one of the 16 great generals, Left Advance Guard had the greatest number of soldiers.

To protect the land that once belonged to the Shang Empire, the government had to allow Luo Yao to expand the military.

Perhaps no one other than Luo Yao knew exactly how many soldiers that Left Advance Guard had.

Luo Yao was gradually turning from an important official of Great Sui into potential danger.

Fang Jie had learned many things from what Principal Zhou had said. Even though these things weren’t useful to him, it allowed him to have a clearer idea of Great Sui’s current position.

Principal Zhou couldn’t help but frown when he saw this young man’s solemn expression. He said, “Now I finally understand why His Majesty changed his mind and decided to turn you into a miracle. He wrote your name on the Talent Ledger before he met you, and he moved your name four pages forward after meeting you. You sure are an interesting figure.”

Fang Jie didn’t know what Principal Zhou was referring to, but he roughly knew what this old man meant.

Principal Zhuo’s expression changed, and he no longer looked like a hooligan. He straightened his body and asked Fang Jie after a moment of silence, “You had said that you are proud of being a member of Great Sui in front of His Majesty. Do you mean it?”

Fang Jie nodded since he was sincere about that.

Principal Zhou nodded and sighed after a while, “Alright, I will tell you why I’m so interested in your physique. You are right. I know that you learned a lot from our prior conversation, but I hope you will seal what you know now.”

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