Chapter 148: Good Poem (Part Two)

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Fang Jie was surprised that the mountain in the back of the Martial Arts Academy was the same mountain in the back of Smooth Spring Garden. Of course, it was also the same mountain in the back of the Royal Garden.

When Fang Jie got to the narrow path on the mountain, he finally realized why the Emperor didn’t allow the Martial Arts Academy to move out of Chang’an.

If roads were constructed on the mountain, the people of the Martial Arts Academy could instantly reinforce Smooth Spring Garden or Tai Chi Palace if someone rebelled and surrounded those places.

Fang Jie was sure that such roads were built on the mountain. It just went to show that the Emperor had more trust in Principal Zhou and these professors compared to officials in the government.

Fang Jie didn’t know that not many students were permitted to come to the back mountain. His guess was also correct; there were secret roads leading to Smooth Spring Garden and Tai Chi Palace.

“Don’t you want me to know more about you?” Qiu Yu smiled and pointed at the mountain while saying, “Run to the peak and back as fast as you can. Do this until you are exhausted.”

“Can I ask why you are making me do this?” Fang Jie asked with a frustrated expression.”

“I need to know more about your stamina and endurance. It will help me understand you more. Go! If you don’t want to, you can leave right now, and I won’t ask anything from you in the future.”

Fang Jie discovered that this woman was better at threatening him compared to Principal Zhou. He smiled bitterly, tucked his long robe into his pants, and took a deep breath before running up the mountain.

Since it was meant to test his stamina and endurance, he didn’t run at his top speed. Even though this was the case, Qiu Yu was still pleased with his physique.

Although the mountain wasn’t tall, climbing it was way different from walking on a flat surface. After two laps, Fang Jie was soaked in sweat.

Qiu Yu stood by a wild peach tree and smiled at the young man who looked more and more disheveled.

Fang Jie knew that she was pleased judging by her bright smile.

After about two hours, Fang Jie walked to Qiu Yu while panting and asked, “Is it enough?”

Qiu Yu shook her head and said, “No, I said until you are exhausted. You can still walk; it is far from being exhausted.”

Fang Jie sighed helplessly and continued his climb.

About an hour later, the sun was already on the west side of the sky. Fang Jie didn’t eat lunch, and he was exhausted. Even though he didn’t need to crawl at the moment, he felt like his legs were filled with lead.

Any ordinary person would have collapsed on the ground after running up and down the mountain for three hours.

“That is enough.”

When Fang Jie passed by Qiu Yu again when going down the mountain, this female professor who looked gentle said calmly, “You are covered in sweat; do you want to get washed up?”

“Of course. It would be best if I can eat something before that; I will appreciate it a ton.”

“There is no hurry. The lunchtime is over. If you want to eat something, you must wait for dinner. The Martial Arts Academy has rules in place, and a strict eating schedule is one of the rules.”

“Ok, let me go get washed up first.”

“Follow me.” Qiu Yu led the way, and Fang Jie followed while rubbing his sore thighs.

After walking by a small forest, Fang Jie heard the splashing sounds of water.

Fang Jie was surprised that there was a waterfall, and its size was much bigger compared to the size of the mountain.

There was a deep pond under the waterfall, and the water vapor created by falling water made a beautiful rainbow.

Before getting to the pond, the refreshing water vapor already got to Fang Jie. This was a great place to hang out in the summer to avoid the heat.

Fang Jie stood by the pond and stretched. Seeing the clear water, he couldn’t help but bend his back and scoop out some water. Perhaps he was too thirsty, this water tasted sweet.

“Should you avoid seeing me like this?” Fang Jie asked awkwardly.

“No need.” Qiu Yu pointed at the magnificent waterfall and said, “Go and stand under it.”

“Huh?” Fang Jie swallowed his saliva with difficulty and murmured, “I thought you want me to take a bath, but it is going to be a shower…”

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