Chapter 148: Good Poem (Part Three)

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Although the mountain wasn’t tall, it wasn’t short either. Since this waterfall was magnificent, it wasn’t only one-story tall. When Fang Jie got close to the waterfall by standing on a giant boulder, he couldn’t help but look back at Qiu Yu, begging for forgiveness.

Qiu Yu didn’t look at him. Instead, she scooped up some water and washed her face.

Fang Jie was exhausted, and the good mood that he had when he saw this waterfall was all gone. He forced himself to approach the waterfall attentively.

When he got close, some water drops landed on him, causing a lot of pain.

Fang Jie wasn’t sure if his head was going to be smashed by the falling water if he charged in, dying here right away.

However, Fang Jie’s unyielding spirit was stimulated, and he took a deep breath and dashed into the waterfall without looking back at Qiu Yu.

As soon as he entered, Fang Jie felt like many people were smashing his head with wooden bats. Since the pressure was so great, it felt like the bones in his neck and spine were going to break. Fang Jie almost couldn’t move anymore.

Like the continuous attacks of a cultivation master, the water stream kept on striking him with the same power.

Fang Jie almost collapsed when he got under the waterfall, and his legs shivered.

After a while, the pain that he sensed on his head and back soon turned to numbness. He felt like his flesh was going to be ripped off by the current.

However, he knew that the female professor was going to mock him if he backed out now.

Fang Jie was now a real man, and he didn’t want to hear a woman say that he couldn’t last long.

Persistence! Fang Jie persisted by clenching his teeth.

At this moment, Qiu Yu’s clear voice got into Fang Jie’s ear through the loud noises of the waterfall.

“You will pass this test when you can walk under the waterfall freely. Would you feel like a failure if I told you that Great General Li Xiao was able to walk under this waterfall and recite poems when he was a student here?”

“I won’t… feel like I’m a failure!”

The water made it hard for Fang Jie to open his mouth. Water would get into his mouth whenever he opened his mouth, and it suffocated him. It was already hard to breathe through his nose.

Only fish could easily find oxygen in the water.

“However… I feel like… reciting poems under this waterfall… is definitely showy!”

Fang Jie didn’t know how much water he drank when saying that, but his eyes grew brighter and brighter. His fear of this waterfall also decreased.

A trace of appreciation appeared in Qiu Yu’s eyes.

At this moment, this young man slowly raised his head and opened his arms.

“Sunlight streaming on Incense Stone kindles a violet smoke;

Far off I watch the waterfall plunge to the long river.

Flying waters descending straight for f*cking three thousand feet;

As if the Milky Way has tumbled from the ninth height of Heaven.”

[TL Note: This is a poem written by Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty, and its name is Viewing the Waterfall at Mount Lu. Of course, “f*cking” isn’t a part of the original poem.]

The young man’s howls sounded from the waterfall in a choppy manner. Although his voice was faint with all the loud background noises, his unyielding spirit was conveyed.

“Just reciting poems?… I can do it too!”

Qiu Yu’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, and her smile became more charming as well.

The young man’s disheveled yet sturdy figure was extremely clear in her eyes, and she murmured when she heard the poem that he shouted out, “It is indeed a good poem after removing that bad word.”

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