Chapter 149: All Are Liars (Part One)

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Fang Jie was proud that he didn’t faint.

The pressure at the bottom of the waterfall was much stronger than anticipated. When Fang Jie raised his head and recited the poem like a fool, a ton of water got into his nose and mouth. The suffocation was unreal! It felt worse than having his throat clenched by someone.

In fact, he didn’t last long. After reciting the poem, he had to admit defeat since he couldn’t breathe properly. When he lowered his head to breathe, the muscles relaxed for a bit, and the powerful current pressed him onto the boulder underneath.

Just when Fang Jie thought he was about to get washed into the deep pond, Qiu Yu dashed over like a dragonfly and pulled him away.

After throwing Fang Jie onto the grass casually, this female professor who hid her alluring figure in the wide robe walked away with her hands behind her back.

“You have a treasure, but you don’t know to use it.” What Qiu Yu said to him made Fang Jie sigh and reflect.

He knew what Qiu Yu meant. His body was unique; it was stronger than that of cultivators.

No one knew the explosive strength that his body was capable of more than him.

Just like Qiu Yu said, his body was a treasure, but his understanding of this treasure was too limited. It felt like this treasure was still buried underground and yet to be explored.

If he was able to get used to his body effectively, this waterfall would be nothing in his eyes.

But now, Fang Jie had to express his admiration for Li Xiao who was said to have strolled under the waterfall and recited poems. It was known that Li Xiao wasn’t famous for his cultivation strength. He was more like a knowledgeable scholar. The Emperor had made comments about all the famous generals in the history of Great Sui, and he said that Li Xiao was elegant and vicious.

Theoretically, these two words shouldn’t go together.

Without question, Li Xiao was such a contradictory person. He was elegant and knowledgeable, and he wouldn’t get worked up when debating others. He always talked with elegance, but the people who debated with him all lost, even when they made references to classical literature.

On the battlefield, the elegant Li Xiao showed his vicious side. He conquered Yangtze-South and almost doubled the territory of Great Sui.

To quickly stabilize this new territory, Li Xiao’s cruelty shocked the world. Some people cursed him and said that he was a butcher from Hell. Of course, he had people who admired him, and those people said that he was decisive and courageous.

Li Xiao who once managed everything in Yangtze-South was extremely influential, and people called him the Emperor of Yangtze-South in secret. However, he never showed any sign of rebel, and the trust that the Second Emperor had in him was unique. No one and no incident could shake this trust.

The relationship that these two people had was made into an example of how rulers and subordinates should interact with each other.

When Li Xiao was stationed in Yangtze-South, he wasn’t a pacifist. He only did one thing to all rebellions, and that was execution!

When his subordinates rushed into his residence to report a rebellion, Li Xiao would ask someone to bring over a map. After figuring out where the rebellion was, he would draw a circle on the map with his finger and say that it wasn’t needed anymore.

Of course, it didn’t mean that he was going to ditch that land. It meant the people in that circle weren’t needed anymore.

The army would move into the circle that he drew and wipe out every living thing.

That was why the people of Yangtze-South would still get scared when Li Xiao was brought up today.

This man left too many stories.

Most people believed that his smartest move was declining most of the rewards that the Second Emperor wanted to give him when he was at his prime.

The Second Emperor even wanted to give Li Xiao a high noble title and make him the king of a state. This reward was unheard.

However, Li Xiao declined that reward. After Yangtze-South was stabilized, he even resigned from all his military duties and went home to cultivate flowers and raise birds.

The most confusing thing was that he even got rid of his noble title as the duke of a feudal state that could be inherited by his son.

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