Chapter 149: All Are Liars (Part Two)

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He said that he did many things for Great Sui and was rewarded, but it didn’t mean his descendants could live with wealth because of it. If his descendants wanted to become dukes of feudal states, they should work for it. If his descendants became lazy and complacent because of everything he earned, he would be guilty of ruining the Li Family.

This was something that never happened in the last thousands of years.

For some reason, the Second Emperor permitted Li Xiao’s request, giving him the noble title as the duke of a feudal state that couldn’t be inherited. However, the descendants of the Li Family still got the noble title passed onto them in the end.

Many people didn’t understand Li Xiao, but Fang Jie had to admire Li Xiao’s wisdom and courage in making that decision. If Li Xiao became the king of a state, would his descendants still be living well today?

Although the Li Family became a first-tier family about 100 years later, what Li Xiao did have benefited his descendants in the long-run. Because he declined his proper rewards, no member of the Li Family got executed or imprisoned since the Second Emperor.

What if Li Xiao became the king of a state? Who knew what might have happened to the Li Family?

Fang Jie felt like Li Xiao was someone extremely wise like Yang Qi, Royal King Zhong. Someone who knew when to advance and step back is much smarter than someone who only knew about advancing.

Taking care of descendants wasn’t as simple as leaving them a ton of money.

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Qian Jin lied on the grass and recovered after a long while. Then, he sat up and panted.

Afterward, he moved to the edge of the deep pond and washed his face. Then, he looked at his reflection on the surface of the pond and murmured, “Bro, you aren’t successful yet. You need to work harder.”

He was extremely hungry now.

He was climbing the mountain during lunchtime, and he was hungry now after using so much energy. However, what Fang Jie wanted to do the most right now was to lie on the grass and not get up.

After feeling like he could stand up again, the young man didn’t give in to his desire of lying down.

He drank some water and stretched his body before walking to the waterfall again.

Before walking under the waterfall, he sensed the force of the falling water and the tiny water droplets, feeling the impact that the external forces had on his body.

Then, he took a deep breath and inhaled the moist air before walking under the waterfall again.

Qiu Yu didn’t walk far. She was planning to return to her residence to read books and write papers.

For some reason, she felt like she should talk to Fang Jie again. When she returned, she saw a scene that made her feel awkward.

That persistent and shameless young man walked under the waterfall naked.

Qiu Yu’s eyes were bright, and she could see things much clearer than others. As a result, she saw everything, including the things that she should and shouldn’t see.

Qiu Yu thought she could ignore everything including sex, but she felt her cheeks burning a little. She gave up the idea of telling Fang Jie to sense the impact that external forces would have on his body, and she turned around and left.

She was angry and wanted to slap Fang Jie into the deep pond.

Fang Jie took off all his clothes not because he had a fetish. When he tried to sense water and air, he felt like his clothes were restricting his body from responding naturally. Therefore, he undressed without hesitation and allowed his skin to be directly impacted by external forces.

Fang Jie was already experienced when he walked under the waterfall for the second time, and he raised his head slightly, not allowing the water to directly hit the top and the back of his head.

At this angle, the water wouldn’t smash into his eyes and cause pain.

Fang Jie knew that compared to the forehead, the top and the back of the head were much weaker.

Fang Jie closed his eyes and sensed carefully as water smashed onto his body from a high place.

He sensed the pressure, the suffocating feeling, and the pain.

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