Chapter 149: All Are Liars (Part Three)

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With the loud noises created by the waterfall in the background, Fang Jie suddenly entered a state of tranquility. He thought about when he fainted twice and when his eyes turned completely red.

He guessed that when he fainted due to excruciating pain, his body underwent some sort of transformation. He could only accept everything passively as he had no other options. When his mind couldn’t bear the intense pain, fainting was a reasonable coping mechanism.

Then, he thought about his eyes. After he saw Phoenix-Chirp Daoist, he became more interested in his eyes that could turn red sometimes.

He asked Mr. Zhuo, Wu Yidao, and the crippled old man what the vertical third eye on Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s forehead’s use was. After learning that it could restrict people’s mobility and put them into illusions, Fang Jie wondered if he had this potential as well.

Zhou Buyi said that he was too naïve and thought too much.

Fang Jie didn’t think he thought too much. If a person’s thoughts couldn’t even be overboard, then the world would be too boring.

Fang Jie’s eyes turned red twice because of anger.

The scientific explanation should be that blood rushed into the blood vessels in Fang Jie’s eyes when he got angry.

“How come the potential of my body would be stimulated when my eyes turn red? Could it be that emotions are key to controlling my body? If this is the case, my strength would be too passive.”

Fang Jie didn’t like being passive.

If his red eyes would only appear when he was angry, this meant that the main cause of his strength increase would be inefficient. Not all battles in the world were caused by anger. There were pleasant battles, so would Fang Jie get his butt handed to him in these battles since he wouldn’t be angry?

While Fang Jie pondered, he forgot about external forces, and he even forgot that he was standing under a waterfall naked in order to sense the changes that external forces would bring to his body.

It felt like the waterfall wasn’t there anymore.

What was the biggest change when Fang Jie overlooked the waterfall?


Fang Jie forgot about the waterfall and the huge pressure that came with it.

When people plunged into deep thoughts, they would often stroll around. This was done subconsciously, and perhaps even people themselves wouldn’t notice.

Fang Jie started to stroll under the waterfall.

At this moment, Qiu Yu who had walked far away from the waterfall froze. Then, she turned toward the waterfall and concentrated. The distance instantly shortened in her eyes, and she clearly saw Fang Jie strolling under the waterfall. While being surprised, a smile appeared on her face.

“He is good.” Principal Zhou appeared beside Qiu Yu.

“Indeed,” Qiu Yu replied.

“Therefore, you shouldn’t have lied to him,” Principal Zhou said with a smile, “Since when did Li Xiao strolled under the waterfall freely and recited poems? He would give the excuse that his robe would be wet and escape before even getting close to this waterfall.”

“He benefits from this lie, right?” Qiu Yu said with a smile.

Then, she looked at Principal Zhou and said earnestly, “Didn’t you lie to him as well earlier? You told him that you need to research his body for His Majesty and Great Sui, and your goal is to create an invincible army. This lie is shameless.”

“He benefits from this lie, right?” Principal Zhou threw it back at her and added, “Lies are only methods. As long as the starting point isn’t malicious, you shouldn’t think it is dirty. Telling good lies is an art.”

Qiu Yu pouted; it seemed like she wasn’t that respectful toward Principal Zhou compared to when they were in public.

“I won’t agree with it if you use me to bait someone into making a mistake,” she said.

Principal Zhou knew what she meant. After all, he tried to hook Fang Jie up with her earlier today.

“Since your eyes and ears are too good, you lost out on a ton of fun,” Principal Zhou sighed and turned around to walk away. “Sometimes, it isn’t bad to pretend to be deaf, blind, and mute.”

“Just like how you acted like you didn’t see Wisdom coming to Chang’an?” Qiu Yu asked.

Principal Zhou froze for a second before replying calmly, “Sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to pretend that you can’t do anything to your enemy, especially when Great Sui is about to wage a war against Mongo-Yuan.”

“I got it.” Qiu Yu said after a moment of silence, “Wisdom could leave because you allowed him to.”

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