Chapter 15: Snowy Night, the Sound of a Bugle (Part One)

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Only half a day passed, yet the entire Fangu was covered by a layer of snow. It was hard to see the green bricks and white tiles, and everything was covered in whiteness which was comfortable to see. There wasn’t anyone rich and influence in Fangu. If someone had to be selected, Fang Jie would barely count as one.

However, Fang Jie wasn’t really rich. He was the Big Boss of Gold Essence Shop, the Owner of Red Sleeve Pavilion, and the Builder of Guest-Prosper Dwell, but he was only a high-level worker. It was him who brought Fangu its riches. These three buildings could bring this city 200,000 taels of silver a year, but he only got dividends. He had to borrow all the money that was needed to build Gold Essence Shop. Except for the dividends that had to be paid to the residents, most of the money was managed by Li Xiaozong.

Although Fang Jie didn’t spend much money, he was a corporal of a scout team, so he had many gatherings. Since he had many businesses under his name, he had to pay all the time. Therefore, he didn’t get to save much money. After going through all the chests and drawers, he only found about 3,000 to 4,000 taels of silver. This was a great amount of money in Fangu, but it wasn’t enough in Chang’an. Fang Jie couldn’t even afford to go to high-end places like Half Moon Pavilion a few times.

When Fang Jie found that this was all the money that he had, he was a little frustrated and angry.

“I will never do a collectively-owned business again!” While murmuring to himself, Fang Jie grabbed the silver certificates and stuffed them into his inner pocket, and he then placed about 100 to 200 silver taels into his bag. Before he left, he looked at the soldier’s uniform, the black leather armor, the blue jacket, the pair of black leather shoes, and the big red cape that he would only wear during holidays.

“Too bad… I wanted to go find Li Xiaozong today. I wanted to go to Chang’an after I obtained enough counts of military merit. Now, I don’t have enough counts of military merit, so I have to work something out in order to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy. Also, I don’t have enough money. I can’t even purchase a little rank 7 official position in the Capital of Great Sui.”

“We can’t go to the encampment. The four masters are all in that direction,” Mu Xiaoyao whispered.

Fang Jie was reluctant to leave, but he would never hesitate.

The first thing that he learned throughout these years was to never hesitate. When it was time to go, he would never drag it on. Although he didn’t need to battle, he didn’t want to be a useless person. He was hunted throughout these years, and he was always protected since he had no ability to battle. Therefore, he had an obsession toward cultivation.

“What levels are they on?” he asked behind Mu Xiaoyao.

“One of them broke through level 6 and is stable in level 7. This presence is familiar, so it must be Li Xiaozong. Out of the four new masters, three of them are at level 6, and the last one is a bit harder to tell. It seems like this person is a level 7 master, and his presence is dark and gloomy. This person should be hiding on purpose. We have to be careful. This person is hiding in the dark; let’s hope this is not an assassin.”

Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan knew that it was the hardest to fight an assassin who wasn’t willing to battle head-on in the night.

“Sister Xiaoyao, you didn’t want to tell me all these years.” Fang Jie smiled and asked, “You can clearly sense enemies’ presences within one kilometer, and you can even accurately tell their strength. What level are you on? If we don’t run and fight them head-on instead, can you defeat them cleanly with Da Quan?”

“No.” Mu Xiaoyao’s response was simple, and then she said proudly, “No one can escape from my senses as long as they are within a kilometer of me. Regardless if they are level 1 or level 9 masters, they can’t hide from me. That was why even though our escape journey had been rough, it was only scary and not dangerous. That was why when we separated at Dali City of Southern Yan, Da Quan and I came with you and not Qi Lin and others.”

“So confident? What level are you on?”

“Can you stop asking?” Mu Xiaoyao rolled her eyes at him and replied with slight anger, “If I’m a master above level 7, would I run? A level 8 master can wipe out these five masters who are only at level 6 and 7. Although it would be a little troublesome, it wouldn’t be dangerous. Therefore, can you stop being foolish? Since we are running, it means that we can’t defeat them.”

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