Chapter 15: Snowy Night, the Sound of a Bugle (Part Two)

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“Out of the people who protected me, who is the most powerful?”

“Chen Qingshan,” Da Quan answered on the side.

“That super pretty big sister who was cold and always hugged her sword? Aya! I didn’t know that she is so powerful. Is she at level 9 yet?”

“No, but she should be at mid-tier or top-tier level 8,” Da Quan replied.

“Can you guys stop being annoying?” Mu Xiaoyao stared at them and then tossed Fang Jie over the wall by grabbing onto his belt. Fang Jie had gotten used to being tossed like a rock, so he landed on the ground firmly. In the next second, Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan also jumped over the wall.

While dashing toward the west of the city, Da Quan said, “Out of the people who protected you over the years, Xiaoyao is the most useful. If it weren’t for her unique senses, we would have encountered many dangers. Even though Chen Qingshan can fight, she would have died of exhaustion. I come second. Although I can’t detect enemies’ strength, I can more accurately detect their locations and find the best escape path. Chen Qingshan can easily kill me, but I can easily not allow her to get close to me.”

“What level are you on?” Fang Jie was being carried by Mu Xiaoyao as she grabbed him by the belt, and he was getting bored. Although he didn’t have to run and wasn’t tired, the image of a man being carried by a woman like a purse wasn’t a good scene.

“Low-tier level 5,” Da Quan replied honestly, “Therefore, if we run into any one of the enemies, we won’t be able to get away. A level 6 master can easily wipe us out.”

“Huh?” Fang Jie had asked the same question before, but Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan never answered him. Now, he realized that the two hermit-like masters in his eyes weren’t that powerful. Although Mu Xiaoyao didn’t reveal anything, from the tone of the conversation, it felt like she was at best a level 5 master.

“Chen Qingshan is a top-tier level 8 master! If she is here, we don’t have to escape…” Fang Jie thought to himself.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Mu Xiaoyao said as she ran, “I didn’t tell you since only Li Xiaozong is dangerous for you. However, he doesn’t know your identity, so he has no reason to kill you. We are telling you now since we are heading to Chang’an. There are many hermits there! We are telling you this so that you can act like a grandson as much as possible.”

[TL Note: In Chinese culture, being someone’s grandson means being extremely tolerant of others and acting lowkey.]

“Acting as the grandson of everyone in Chang’an? That is a lot of pressure,” Fang Jie sighed. He had once fantasized not worrying about his hunters. With masters like Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan, he wondered if he could act like a boss in Chang’an and do whatever he wanted. Now, it seemed like he thought to much.

It was a snowy night, the moon was bright, and there was a beauty with long legs and a slender waist beside Fang Jie. This was supposed to be a romantic night, but it would be much better if they weren’t escaping. It would be even better if Mu Xiaoyao wasn’t that cold.

Fang Jie was 15, and Mu Xiaoyao was 27. Fang Jie knew that he was only man who had wrapped his arms around Mu Xiaoyao’s waist and touched her chest.

However, he was extremely respectful of her.

Fangu was a small city. After jumping over the back wall of Gold Essence Shop, they would soon reach the city gate if they ran toward the west. Fang Jie was familiar with all the officials in the military, so it should be easy to get out of the city.

However, they soon realized that they were too optimistic.

Beside those soldiers who Fang Jie was extremely familiar with, there were also six men wearing flying-fish robes who were also guarding the west gate of Fangu.

Flying-fish robes meant a lot in Great Sui. Even in the Capital, most people would be fearful of them. Although these people didn’t have high ranks, their status was extremely high. They were members of the Royal Guard.

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