Chapter 150: Save Some (Part One)

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Principal Zhou didn’t seem flattered by what Qiu Yu said. He pursed his lips and said, “That guy is strong after all. Close to half of the cultivation masters in Chang’an went after him, but he still escaped. You said that I allowed him to escape, which is also true. Everyone who knows about this incident in Chang’an all feels like I’m the only one who could capture him.”

“However, Chang’an only has you, yet the Buddhist Sect has four heavenly lords, one Great Wheel Wisdom King, and 3,000 golden-body monk soldiers who are said to be invulnerable to swords and sabers,” Qiu Yu said earnestly.

“Yeah… Four heavenly lords and one Great Wheel Wisdom King.” Principal Zhou shook his head and said while walking, “But when the military of Great Sui marches west, how many monk soldiers could still fight? How many heavenly lords could still move? Who knows? One of them couldn’t move anymore about 11 years ago. This time, at least another one will be immobilized as well, right?”

Qiu Yu didn’t understand. She wasn’t a witness of the tragic battle that happened about 11 years ago; she wasn’t on that level yet back then.

However, Qiu Yu seemed to have picked up on something. Although she wasn’t a part of what happened 11 years ago, it didn’t mean that she didn’t know about it. Therefore, she immediately thought to herself, “Someone has traveled west again? That talented figure traveled west with a group of courageous, fearless, and determined people 11 years ago, even making the world change color. Who has the courage and strength to travel west again 11 years later?”

She wanted to ask, but she knew that Principal Zhou wouldn’t tell her anything.

For some reason, Principal Zhuo’s presence changed. Looking at him, Qiu Yu suddenly felt a sliver of coldness and desolation.

“Principal Zhou is reluctant about something?” Qiu Yu wasn’t sure and didn’t dare to confirm.

-Smooth Spring Garden-

Royal Guard Captain Luo Weiran stood before the Emperor with a bent back, and his expression was solemn. What he just learned was too shocking, so his heart rate doubled when he was on his way to report to the Emperor.

The news that disturbed him was also crucial for the Emperor of Great Sui.

After hearing what Luo Weiran said, the Emperor shivered, and the ink brush in his hand fell onto the desk. It seemed like he wanted to pick up that ink brush, but he didn’t dare to. With his head lowered, the Emperor looked pale as tear wetted his eyes uncontrollably.

“About 11 years ago, I just became the ruler for not too long…”

After a moment of silence, the Emperor took out a handkerchief to wipe his tears and slowly picked up the ink brush on the desk before slowly putting it back into the brush pot. This action was simple, but it felt like it consumed a ton of his energy. His voice even shook when he talked.

He saw that a section of the desk was stained by red ink, and he felt like he saw a puddle of blood.

“Due to the fight between us brothers, the government even started to crumble. Father appointed me as the next ruler before he died because he wanted to stabilize Great Sui. However, some people still saw the weakness and thought that cracks appeared in Great Sui’s foundation. I was only on the throne for about half a year, and I imprisoned one of my brothers and demoted another. I also didn’t have children back then. If I died, Great Sui would experience great turbulence.”

“Mongo-Yuan gathered a big group of cultivation masters and planned to sneak into Great Sui. Li Yuanshan learned about it and quickly informed Chang’an. My seventh brother left Chang’an and traveled west without telling me anything. He had a ton of connections in the martial arts circle, and he issued enemy-killing summons while traveling west. When he got to the northwest border, hundreds of heroes already gathered around him. In the northwest, my seventh brother killed all the cultivation masters of Mong-Yuan. I thought he would come back to Chang’an after that, but he only asked one person to bring a message back to me.”

“How dare these barbarians to offend Great Sui and Your Majesty? Since they dare to come, I dare to go to them as well. I’m going to let the people in the west know that Your Majesty’s dignity couldn’t be offended. They couldn’t even have such thoughts. If they do, I will go and kill them, letting them know the power of Great Sui.”

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