Chapter 150: Save Some (Part Three)

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“Haha!” The old monk seemed to be in a great mood, and he laughed and said, “I wanted to travel east a long time ago, and I wanted to see how tough Great Sui is for creating that big demon. Before I came here, I felt like the people of Sui can’t be bullied since that demon told me so with the most direct method. However, I found that the people of Sui are far weaker than I thought from this trip. By cutting their flesh, the people of Sui would become slaves. I wonder how that demon who traveled west 11 years ago would feel if he knew about this.”

Chenya thought for a moment and said, “However, I still feel like this person has unwillingness in his mind.”

“Everyone is proud, so it depends on how to subdue this unwillingness. I conducted a thought experiment at Great Snow Mountain. I wondered what we could do if the devils and demons invaded from the east, or how the Buddhist Sect could spread to the east. I thought for a long time and concluded that the people of Sui are tough-minded, and they could only be killed. If the Buddhist Sect wants to spread its dogma into the east, we would need to kill all adults and re-educate the children. Since this is impossible to do, I gave up the idea of spreading Buddhism to the east.”

“Now, I finally realized that I was too narrow-minded back then. No one is truly unyielding. The people of Sui are tough since they never lost before, so they believe that they would never be defeated. After more than 100 years, every person of Sui is proud because of this thinking pattern. In reality, they would surrender when we cut a piece of flesh off them, and they will listen to whatever we say.”

“The people of Sui aren’t unyielding, and Sui isn’t invincible. I will talk with the Wisdom King about this when I return.” The old monk smiled brightly, and the pride in his eyes intensified as he said, “If I didn’t come to the east, I would never know about the truth behind the mist. The pride of these people is fake, and the invincible legend of Sui is a pathetic tale.”

“Master, should we bring this person back to Great Snow Mountain? We should let the Wisdom King see that the people of Sui are just like him,” Chenya asked.

“We should bring him back if we don’t need to kill him, but perhaps we need to kill him today,” the old monk said.

“Why?” Chenya asked.

The old monk sighed, “I inspected this mountain on the way. It is a dead mountain. Other than trees and wild grass, there is nothing alive on this mountain. By building Chang’an that is magnificent and holds worldly secrets, all the spiritual energy of this mountain was sucked away. Nothing is edible on this mountain, and the food this person has is all eaten…”

Chenya was stunned, and he thought for a bit and said, “He will last us a few days if we save some for later.”

At this moment, Fang Henshui crawled down in his ragged clothes. He panted as he walked to the old monk and said guiltily, “Sorry, there is nothing to eat. I didn’t even find any wild berries.”

After saying that, he saw the strangeness in the old monk and Chenya’s eyes, and he was overtaken by fear.

While he was stunned, Chenya took a step forward.

Fang Henshui also knelt at the same time and kowtowed while saying sincerely, “Please eat my flesh. I’m willing to sacrifice myself.”

The old monk and Chenya were surprised this time.

After a moment, the old monk’s laughter resonated on the mountain.

Chenya asked Fang Henshui, “Aren’t you going to eat as well?”



“Save some… Don’t need to eat me after we walk out of this mountain range.” Fang Henshui didn’t dare to say this that was on his mind.

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