Chapter 151: Bet and Deal (Part One)

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What surprised Fang Jie was that the student residences weren’t centralized. They were scattered across the academy. Some were beside gardens, and some were beside lakes; they all had great scenery.

Fang Jie liked this setting, but the only drawback was that the cafeteria wouldn’t deliver food to the residences.

Regardless of where the students lived, they could only eat at the cafeteria.

Fang Jie first returned to his residence to change. When Qi Lin saw Fang Jie who was exhausted and about to collapse, he quickly walked up and tried to help. Fang Jie rejected Qi Lin’s proposal of carrying him on his back and forced himself to walk to his room.

He was in no mood to observe the room that was going to belong to him in the next three years. The first thing he did was throwing his body onto the bed.

Fang Jie felt better after lying on the bed for about ten minutes, and he then changed out of his wet clothes and lied down a bit more.

Afterward, he got up and walked out of the door. As soon as he exited the room, he made himself look energetic to hide the fatigue and pain. It was not easy to make himself seem normal at this moment.

As soon as he walked out of his courtyard, he saw two people walking this way, side-by-side.

These two people were chatting, and they greeted Fang Jie from afar when they saw him.

They were Pei Chuxing and Yu Xiao.

Fang Jie raised his brows when he saw these two, then he showed an apologetic smile on his face before walking forward.

“My apologies. I agreed to visit you guys, but I ran into a little situation and weren’t able to do it. Please forgive me,” Fang Jie apologized after bowing.

Pei Chuxing and Yu Xiao quickly stopped Fang Jie from bowing.

Pei Chuxing said with a smile, “We knew what happened; how could we blame you? After my father learned about it, he even told me to pay you a visit. Your luck was bad since you ran into a criminal on your way. The Capital has been safe for a long time. Since you lived at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence, and I learned that Gold-Sharing Duke left Chang’an recently, I wasn’t in a position to visit you. I wanted to apologize to you about it.”

Yu Xiao added, “You were already exhausted from the competition, so you were at a disadvantage when you ran into that criminal. Fortunately, your strength is good. Any ordinary people would have died.”

Fang Jie knew that these two young men wanted to pull him to their side, so he was polite and humble. However, it was this humbleness that added distance between them.

Pei Chuxing and Yu Xiao were smart people, so they saw through Fang Jie’s humbleness and politeness.

The three of them walked and chatted. Pei Chuxing and Yu Xiao didn’t mention paying him a visit again, and they also didn’t invite him to visit their families. Fang Jie was glad that they didn’t mention it, so he didn’t have to worry about all that.

When they were close to the cafeteria, they ran into people like Xie Fuyao and Mo Xidao. They went to eat as a group.

It had to be mentioned that the food at the academy was great, and liquor wasn’t prohibited.

Of course, none of this was free.

Since Yu Xiao said that he was going to treat everyone, others wouldn’t fight over the bill with him.

Fang Jie was stingy, and Zhang Kuang and Mo Xidao didn’t have extra money. As to Xie Fuyao and Pei Chuxing, they wouldn’t do it since fighting over the bill wasn’t noble-spirited.

This was a big difference between ordinary people and members of big families. If ordinary people ate and drank, they would usually fight over the bill. It showed respect to others, and it would also show that they weren’t stingy.

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