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Conquer the World Chapter 152.1

Chapter 152: The Missed Opportunity in Fangu (Part One)

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Fang Jie lied on a flat and cold marble slab, and he felt like he was a lamb that was waiting to be butchered. His upper body was naked, and his muscular chest and eight pack were all shown. Many people would be jealous of him having such a great physique at such a young age.

Fang Jie wasn’t used to being surrounded and watched by others, but he couldn’t go back on his words after he agreed to Principal Zhou’s research.

However, he didn’t know that Professor Qiu Yu would be researching his body as well.

Qiu Yu stood beside Fang Jie and concentrated on his abdomen. She didn’t feel anything strange staring at this muscular male body, but Fang Jie felt uncomfortable, so he moved his body slightly from time to time.

Qiu Yu frowned and said in a low voice, “Don’t move! How can I observe when you are moving?”

Fang Jie thought, “How can you take advantage of me so boldly?”

However, he wanted to know more about his body as well, so he tried to calm down.

Qiu Yu’s eyes stared at Fang Jie’s abdomen. After a long time, she looked at his limbs. In the end, Fang Jie was sure that even though he had his pants on, no secret was hidden.

“How is it?” Principal Zhou asked as he sat on the side and drank tea.

“It is strange.” Qiu Yu shook her head and answered, “I’m sure that he doesn’t have a sea of qi, so there aren’t meridians connecting to it. However, the 11 qi-points in his body are all open. I don’t understand it. What is the use of these qi-points when they aren’t connected to the sea of qi?”

Principal Zhou frowned and thought for a moment, then he said, “See if there are internal forces inside his qi-points.”

Qiu Yu nodded and concentrated on Fang Jie’s body again.

When Fang Jie heard that there were now 11 opened qi-points in his body, he was surprised but didn’t ask anything. After he left Fangu, he learned that his qi-points were gradually opening. He had zero opened qi-point in Fangu, but he now had 11 opened qi-points after less than a year.

Qiu Yu was looking at him, yet he was pondering. “Could it be that my body is becoming stronger because of these qi-points?”

It made sense from the perspective of cultivation. When more qi-points that were connected to the sea of qi opened, more internal forces would be stored. Also, with more opened qi-points, the body should become stronger. However, only those with 36 or more opened qi-points could cultivate. Right now, Fang Jie was only an ordinary person from this perspective.

Only when the 36 unique qi-points in the four limbs and torso opened could the internal forces travel through the body smoothly, tempering the body and creating circulation.

Fang Jie only had 11 qi-points, and they were isolated from each other.

“No!” Qiu Yu confirmed after observing for a while, “Not a trace of internal forces could be detected in the 11 opened qi-points. His physique is on-par and even a little above the physique of ordinary cultivators because his muscles are strong. His strength is from his muscles and not internal forces.”

“His strength from muscles can be compared to strength from internal forces?” Principal Zhou asked after thinking for a while, “Where are these 11 qi-points?”

“Three in each of the two arms, two in each of the two legs…”

“What about the last one?”

“In…” Qiu Yu suddenly blushed and murmured after hesitating for a while, “In between his legs…”

“Huh?” Principal Zhou was surprised, and he walked over and looked at Fang Jie while speaking with resignation, “I never heard of a single case where a qi-point appeared there. Could that thing unleash internal forces as well?”

Qiu Yu blushed and reminded, “He doesn’t have internal forces.”

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