Chapter 153: The Martial Arts Academy’s Teaching Style (Part One)

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No matter how hot it got, it was cool in the mountain range to the north of Chang’an. There were many trees, and spring water could be found. However, not a single animal could be seen.

Some people said that the mountain range lost its spiritual energy, and all the animals moved away. Others said that the construction of Chang’an altered the dragon vein. Therefore, even though the trees looked green, they were all dead.

[TL Note: In ancient China, people believed in dragon veins. They were terrains that looked like dragons, and people believed that they represented the future of the royal families.]

Regardless of what people said, it was a fact that there were no animals in this mountain range.

However, the plants were overgrown here. Giant trees that required three people to hug around their trunks were everywhere, so it wasn’t reasonable to call this a dead mountain range.

This was a strange phenomenon, and several emperors of Great Sui sent people to investigate this. However, people still didn’t know why no animals could be seen.

Even though some people predicted with confidence that this mountain range would soon become empty with no trees, it didn’t happen.

There were many rumors about this, with the scariest one being the prophecy that Great Sui would end when this mountain range becomes empty. Of course, such a prophecy had to come from an unworldly master. Some people said that it came from an immortal-like old man who had a white beard, some people said that it came from a beautiful fairy in white, and others said that it came from a vicious monk.

Regardless of who it came from, this prophecy was still circulating in Great Sui.

This prophecy stated that if all the trees on the mountains died, Great Sui would end. This went against the saying, “half hugged by mountains; Chang’an wouldn’t fall.”

Compared to the prophecy, the people of Great Sui liked the saying more. After all, according to the saying, Chang’an would be prosperous as long as the mountains stood.

The tranquility of the mountains was broken by the noises made when people stepped on fallen leaves.  Three men and one woman appeared in this mountain range that was isolated. There were no paths, and the thick layer of leaves felt like a carpet. Although it was comfortable walking here, the four people all looked serious.

Footsteps sounded non-stop, and it felt like these four people were walking in the underworld as they traveled in the quiet and dark forest.

The person in the very front was in a scholarly robe, and it was difficult to tell his age. The other three people were about 15 meters away from him, and they walked in a line. The person behind would walk on the exact footprints of the person in the front. After the four of them walked by, it seemed like there was only one person here by the looks of it.

The scholarly person in the front frowned and sped up a little. The people behind him all sped up as well.

The second person in line was a village woman in a blue floral dress, and she had a basket in her hand. The person behind her was a senior in a sapphire robe. He would look at the woman in front of him from time to time with a complex expression.

The person at the end of the line looked young. He was in a fancy robe and a jade belt. His status was clearly high. He looked handsome with thin brows and big eyes. His chin was sharper than that of others, but it looked good. His lips were small and red, adding to his presence.

It didn’t seem like he fit the group.

The first person looked like a scholar, the second person looked like a village woman, the third person looked like a wealthy merchant, and the last person looked like a young master; he didn’t look like a part of the team.

The person in the front was Zhuo Buyi. He made a hand gesture and sped up, and the people in the back no longer walked in his footsteps. They spread out into a cone shape before dashing forward.

They left no traces on the ground! Even the rotten leaves didn’t change after they stepped on them.

It still looked like only one person was walking here.

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