Chapter 153: The Martial Arts Academy’s Teaching Style (Part Two)

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An empty space appeared before them, and there was a burned-out campfire beside a big boulder.

Zhuo Buyi squatted down to sense the temperature, then he shook his head and said, “They left at least half a day ago.”

“I’m curious.” The young master in the back frowned and said, “Why didn’t they escape using the fastest route? Why did they enter this mountain range? Without a question, they would leave behind traces here.”

The senior in the sapphire robe was Li Nan, and he seemed extremely respectful toward this young master. He bowed forward and said, “Perhaps they aren’t in a hurry to escape.”

Zhuo Buyi nodded and said, “If they are in a hurry, it means they know nothing about the government’s plan in the northwest. Since they are trying to delay time, they probably figured out the situation. It means at least a third person took another route and is bringing the message back. The people here are only distractions.”

“Might not be a person. Phoenix-Chirp Daoist chased toward the west and didn’t find any traces. No human could hide from his innate godly third eye,” Li Nan said.

“No.” Du Hongxian who was in the blue floral dress squatted beside that big boulder and observed. Then, she picked up some soil and smelled it. She said, “There aren’t only two people here. Although there are only the traces of two people, I’m sure that three people are escaping this way.”

“You must be right,” Li Nan replied.

For some reason, he was looking at Du Hongxian with a strange expression.

However, Du Hongxian didn’t seem to like him at all. She walked to Zhuo Buyi and said, “One person’s steps seem light and unsteady. If it isn’t that young monk who got severely injured, it means there is someone with average strength or no cultivation strength at all with them.”

“Who is this third person?” the young master asked.

“You will know when we find them.” It seemed like Du Hongxian wasn’t fond of this young master as well, so she replied coldly before walking forward. The young master’s face changed color, but he held back and didn’t unleash his anger. Li Nan approached him and whispered, “Your Highness, she had traveled west alongside Royal King Zhong.”

Hearing this, this young master was surprised, and he looked at Du Hongxian with admiration and respect.

At this moment, Zhuo Buyi’s face changed color, and he said, “Someone is coming from behind! This person is extremely fast!”

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Fang Jie’s first few days in the Martial Arts Academy were calm. In the morning, he would listen to the professors teaching the arts of war, read books, and write papers. In the afternoon, Qiu Yu would bring him to that waterfall to get tortured. Of course, Principal Zhou would occasionally summon him and research his body in a secret chamber.

Since Fang Jie rarely spent time with other students, more and more rumors said that he was arrogant. There was usually another word behind that word –wastrel, and arrogant wastrel.

From other students’ perspectives, even though Fang Jie’s strength wasn’t low, he couldn’t cultivate, meaning that others would surpass him sooner or later. There was no end to cultivation, but people believed that there was a limit to how strong the physical body could get.

The respect that most students had toward Fang Jie gradually turned into mock.

Most of them believed that even though Fang Jie was strong right now, people like Yu Xiao, Pei Chuxing, and Xie Fuyao who were probably slighter stronger than him right now would far surpass him.

Fang Jie ignored all these comments. He only interacted with these few people; Zhang Kuang, Mo Xidao, Xie Fuyao, and occasionally Yu Xiao and Pei Chuxing. Of course, he wouldn’t pay for drinks when he was with the latter two.

On the sixth day of school, Professor Mo Wanwu was teaching how to use scouts in the morning. Scouts were required for war, and they were usually the most elite soldiers in an army. They were in charge of gathering intelligence on the enemy, figuring out the terrain, and sometimes assassinating the enemy chief commander.

Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang were both scouts before, so they looked at each other with tactical understanding when they heard that Mo Wanwu was going to teach how to arrange and use scouts.

“A great scout sometimes is more useful than the generals in an army. The chief commander is the brain of the army, and the generals are the two arms. The arms will hit where the brain directs. Scouts are like the chief commander’s eyes. The success of scouts will lead to the success of the war. Verse versa, the failure of scouts will negatively affect the chief commander’s judgment, leading to a potential defeat.”

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