Chapter 154: The Target Is That Mountain (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t leave his room again after he returned. He closed the windows and practiced One Saber Strike. Like always, he practiced the right-hand variation before the left-hand variation.

Although he didn’t get to use everything that he had prepared for the entrance exam, Fang Jie was cautious and felt like the left-hand variation would save his life one day. Perhaps he only thought this way due to his worries, but over-preparation was never a bad thing when there was time.

The crippled old man used One Saber Strike that was vicious when he was young, and it no longer fit his style at his age.

In fact, Fang Jie had a little bit of cowardice in him, and he didn’t even notice that the hidden cowardice in him was gradually disappearing.

People always had to change. Fang Jie persisted on not killing anyone at Fangu, but he had to when he left Fangu.

His mind started to shift from that of a modern person, adapting to the environment. This could be counted as an improvement.

Regardless of who it was, no one could instantly adapt to a world where killing was sometimes necessary from a peaceful and lawful world. If someone could, this person must be a vicious criminal already.

It took Fang Jie a long time to adapt. Even now, he was still resistant to the idea of killing people.

The broken saber that the crippled old man gave him was too short; it was a saber that got most of its blade chopped off. The cut was clean, so it must have been cut by something extremely sharp.

Fang Jie tested this saber, and he found that it was extremely tough and sharp. The sabers made by the military of Great Sui were great, but this broken saber could easily cut through them.

This made Fang Jie curious; he wondered what weapon cut through this saber.

Although this saber was short now, it was the perfect length for One Saber Strike; it could unleash the viciousness of this technique.

Given Fang Jie’s physique, he had to engage in close-range combat. Only those with high cultivation strength could control swords with their internal forces.

For example, that senior in the sapphire robe’s sword was both tangible and intangible.

Fang Jie focused on his speed. Trickiness was the essence of One Saber Strike, and speed was the key of One Saber Strike. One Saber Technique’s power could only be shown if trickiness and speed were combined.

After practicing and sweating profusely, Fang Jie sat down cross-legged on his bed and closed his eyes, trying to sense his muscles. He wasn’t pleased by the potential that his muscles had in passive defense. He never liked being passive, and he wasn’t strong enough for others to attack first and then counter.

If he could control his muscles at will, he would be able to unleash a portion of his body’s potential.

Fang Jie tried to control his muscles through meditation. Although this sounded simple, it was difficult to concentrate and not have a single random thought in his mind.

It was harder for people like Fang Jie who were cautious to clear their minds of random thoughts.

Fang Jie tried to make his muscles respond when there were no external forces, but it was difficult to execute this simple idea.

He was thinking about controlling his muscles through meditation. When waterdrops landed on his body, the corresponding muscles would harden to block the incoming forces. This was a passive response. Fang Jie wanted to make his muscles harden without external forces.

However, he failed.

He meditated for two hours and felt like he concentrated enough, but he still couldn’t control a specific group of his muscles without moving his body.

After thinking for a while, Fang Jie switched his method. He gave up trying to specifically control a group of his muscles. Instead, he tried to make all the muscles in his body react without external forces. Although it sounded more difficult, it was in fact much easier to control the whole rather than a specific subgroup of muscles while the rest stayed the same.

However, Fang Jie failed again.

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