Chapter 154: The Target Is That Mountain (Part Three)

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“I…” Zhang Kuang froze for a second and sighed, “One cash coin would trouble a hero. If Brother Mo and I didn’t spend too much money when we got to Chang’an, the allowance that the government gives us should be enough. However, you know how Brother Mo is like. When we go out, he wouldn’t let others pay. After a few outings, I spent all my money as well.”

“I understand!” Fang Jie nodded and said, “We are brothers and not strangers; you can just tell me whatever you need.”

Zhang Kuang lowered his head and tried to hide the emotions in his eyes, but Fang Jie’s acute senses still detected it. There seemed to be resentment and craze in Zhang Kuang’s eyes. Although it flashed by, it was intense. However, Fang Jie didn’t pay attention to it; he thought Zhang Kuang was only embarrassed.

“Silver taels…” Zhang Kuang sighed and said, “I risked my life many years on the border, yet I don’t even have enough silver taels for eating.”

Fang Jie patted his shoulder and didn’t know how to comfort him.

-In the forest-

Zhuo Buyi’s expression changed, and he said to others, “Someone is coming from behind! This person is extremely fast!”

After he said that, the other three instantly reacted.

Du Hongxian lightly leaped onto a tree, hiding in the thick leaves.

Li Nan pulled the young master, and they hid behind a big boulder.

Zhuo Buyi didn’t move; he stood still and faced the direction where they came. Although it seemed like they were hiding casually, the secret would be revealed if someone were to observe from above.

If someone approached Zhou Buyi, this person would be surrounded by all four of them.

However, the newcomer wasn’t an enemy. When the red daoist robe appeared in Zhuo Buyi’s eyes, he heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down.

It was Phoenix-Chirp Daoist.

“Daoist, how come you are here?” The young master poked out his head from behind the boulder and asked curiously.

“Greetings, Your Highness.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist bowed and replied, “I chased to the west and didn’t find anything. After I received the letter pigeon, I learned that you guys came to this mountain range and followed.”

“We have enough people here,” the young master said with a smile.

“I’m here to ask Your Highness return to Chang’an; this is His Majesty’s will,” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist said.

“Huh? How does Father know?” the young master asked while shaking his head, “I won’t go back. I won’t return unless I capture that bald donkey who dared to be reckless in Chang’an. Do you think I will be a burden? So you mentioned my father to pressure me?”

“Of course not. Your Highness, you are extremely talented, and not a single young person in the entire Great Sui could be compared to you. However, this is a dangerous task; how could His Majesty allow you to do this?”

“I won’t go back!” The young master stomped the ground and said, “Do you guys dare to arrest me?”

“No… but you have to return.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist looked back and said, “They are here to ask you to return as well.”

The young master looked into afar and gasped, “Task Battalion! Father sent these maniacs to arrest me!”

About 30 meters away, there were about 20 soldiers in black. They stood there quietly, but the air around them seemed chilly.

Every single one of them looked like a straight spear, and even the hearts of level 9 masters like Zhuo Buyi shivered a little when seeing them.

-The Martial Arts Academy-

Professor Mo Wanwu smiled and said to the students who gathered in front of him, “Since we are having a competition, let’s make it more real. Let’s start here, and our target is the mountain range to the north of Chang’an. Liu Shuang, you can lead 30 students, and I will only go with Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang. Crescent Moon Pond in the mountain range will be our destination.”

“Huh?” Liu Shuang asked, “Professor, you only need two people?”

Mo Wanwu said with his chin raised, “The two of them are my scouts, and I’m the army!”

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