Chapter 155: There Are Fish on Half Moon Mountain (Part One)

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The students of the Martial Arts Academy were divided into ten classes, and Principal Zhou never intervened on how professors taught students; he never asked the students what they learned as well.

In his eyes, professors were responsible for teaching and not him, and students should worry about their progress and not him.

Therefore, it seemed like Principal Zhou knew nothing about Mo Wanwu leading a class of students to the mountain range to the north of Chang’an. When he learned about it, it was already the afternoon, and the students riding on the warhorses of the Martial Arts Academy were almost out of Chang’an.

He only learned this information because of Qiu Yu. She didn’t find Fang Jie in the afternoon, and she asked around for a while before learning that Mo Wanwu was having a competition with his students in the north of Chang’an.

Qiu Yu was terrified when she learned this, and she quickly went to Principal Zhou.

When she found this old man, who was well-respected in Great Sui and the most influential figure of the military, he was having a nap. He was in an undershirt and a pair of shorts, and he was sleeping well on his bed.

When Qiu Yu hammered his door, he got up and asked in annoyance, “What is it?”

“Mo Wanwu is leading his students including Fang Jie to Half Moon Mountain.”

“Oh.” Principal Zhou lied down and replied, “That is fine.”

Qiu Yu pushed open the door violently, stepped inside, and asked with slight anger, “But Wisdom is on Half Moon Mountain. Phoenix-Chirp Daoist, Mr. Zhuo, and others are all in there. Did you forget how dangerous it is in that mountain?”

“Half Moon Mountain is huge.” Principal Zhou yawned and sat up unwillingly. Then, he rubbed his eyes and said, “They won’t be that unlucky. If Wisdom is that easy to find, how come Zhuo Buyi and others haven’t found him in so many days?”

“Because Zhuo Buyi and others aren’t easy to kill, but the students are!” Qiu Yu said with force.

“Why are they going to Half Moon Mountain?” Principal Zhou asked.

“A student argued with Mo Wanwu, so Mo Wanwu is having a competition with his students on Half Moon Mountain today. He only brought Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang with him, and all other students are a group. He is trying to prove the importance of scouts. Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang are probably both his scouts.”

“Idiot.” Principal Zhou rubbed his sleepy eyes and cursed, “If students want to argue, does every professor have to compete like this to prove their points? Since when did the professors of the academy get this dumb? If students are being troublesome, just reason with them. If that doesn’t work, just beat them until they admit defeat. In the Martial Arts Academy, the professors aren’t held accountable if they beat students…”

“This isn’t the point! What should we do now?”

“Do what?” Principal Zhou asked.

Qiu Yu said angrily, “I’m asking you! What if Fang Jie and others run into Wisdom? The people of the Buddhist Sect want to kill Fang Jie! Isn’t Fang Jie delivering himself to them?”

“Is it?” Principal Zhou murmured before shaking his head and said, “No.”

“Why?” Qiu Yu asked.

Principal Zhou put on his shoes, walked to his desk, and poured him a cup of cold tea. He said, “What was Wisdom doing when you first saw him?”



“He captured Fang Jie on the way.”


Qiu Yu froze for a second and seemed to have understood the principal.

Principal Zhou finished the cold tea and said with a smile, “If you are still worried about your precious student, you could chase after him to check. However, I feel like Wisdom won’t kill him. If he wants to kill Fang Jie, he would have done it already. Fang Jie should have died when he first encountered Wisdom. Don’t say that Fang Jie pressured Wisdom away by his saber strike. Even idiots won’t believe it. Wisdom could have killed Fang Jie more than 100 times with his thoughts.”

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