Chapter 155: There Are Fish on Half Moon Mountain (Part Two)

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“Why didn’t Wisdom kill Fang Jie?” Qiu Yu asked.

Principal Zhou rolled his eyes at her angrily and said, “I’m not an immortal. How could I know?”

He walked back to his bed and lied down before saying, “Disturbing a senior’s nap is very immoral. As a professor of the Martial Arts Academy, you should know that. If you don’t leave now, I will throw you out. Even though I’m extremely old, napping at noon is one of the few things that I still find joy in.”

Qiu Yu stomped her feet, turned around, and ran away.

Principal Zhou smiled and murmured, “Stomping made you womanlier.”

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Mo Wanwu glanced at Fang Jie before looking away. Fang Jie saw a trace of guilt in his eyes, but he thought that this professor felt bad dragging him to his side. He didn’t notice the complex emotions in Mo Wanwu’s eyes.

“Professor,” Zhang Kuang asked while following Mo Wanwu, “How should we do this?”

After a moment of silence, Mo Wanwu replied, “Since this is a competition, the only goal is to win. To win, you must knock down all opponents. It is this simple; why do you need to ask?”

“Eh…” Zhang Kuang asked in surprise, “Shouldn’t we plan first before moving?”

“Plan what?” Mo Wanwu snorted and said, “If I still need to plan when playing with a bunch of kids, I shouldn’t be a professor. Do you really think that I’m trying to make Liu Shuang realize that he is wrong? I would have beat him up if the goal is this simple.”

“What is the goal?” Fang Jie asked.

Mo Wanwu replied, “It has been hot lately.”

It didn’t seem like an answer to the question, but Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang realized what he meant.

They cursed in their minds at the same time, “Damn it! You want to enjoy the coolness of Half Moon Mountain with the excuse of competition!”

“You guys don’t know…” Mo Wanwu chuckled and said, “There is a deep pond named Crescent Moon Pond on Half Moon Mountain, and its water is bone-chilling even in summer. All heat would be gone when you get close to that pond. Crescent Moon Pond is the only place where living creatures exist on Half Moon Mountain. Not many people know this secret. There is a type of fish in the pond, and they have six gills. They don’t have a name, but they would only get to 30 centimeters long after about 100 years. They are extremely tasty. You don’t need to roast or boil this type of fish; you can eat it raw with a bit of soy sauce and minced garlic.”

Fang Jie found it hard to respect any professor of the Martial Arts Academy.

“Not many people know about this now; wouldn’t many people know when the entire class gets there?” Zhang Kuang asked.

Mo Wanwu said, “Of course, we can’t let them know. We have to get there earlier, and we will eat a few fish before fighting them.”

Fang Jie said feelingly, “Are we going out of Chang’an and traveling for dozens of kilometers just to eat fish?”

“What do you mean?” Mo Wanwu said with slight anger, “Don’t you feel like it is worth it?”

“Eh… of course! It is worth it!” Fang Jie quickly flattered.

Mo Wanwu snorted and said, “New students like you are curious about the Martial Arts Academy, thinking that you will study here for three years and become great talents of Great Sui after you graduate.”

Then, he cursed in a low voice, “Have you thought about how the professors feel? It is boring. We must teach the same thing to different groups of students; it is as boring as you think. Perhaps every day is a new day for you, but it is the same as before for us. For you not to waste three years, we must adjust our mood occasionally to teach you the most knowledge. We must seek fun ourselves. Two birds with one stone! I can teach students and have fun as well!”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “This is a much better reason.”

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