Chapter 156: Willing to Use Bait When Fishing (1) (Part One)

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The female student in the back of the group was Ma Lilian, the daughter of the Guide General.

She practiced martial arts since she was young and wasn’t interested in traditional female needlework.

The Guide General was proud of this, and he always said that even though he didn’t have a son, this daughter of his was great, and many men weren’t as talented as his daughter.

Ma Lilian started practicing martial arts at the age of seven, and she could use spears at the age of nine. When she was 11, she learned mounted archery. When she was 15, she could almost use all 18 types of weapons.

During this year’s entrance exam, she obtained an excellent rating for military strategies and tactics. This made the Guide General proud since the sons of many other people couldn’t even make it into the Martial Arts Academy.

Although Ma Lilian was petite, she was straight forwarded and a little short-tempered. Although she didn’t like how arrogant Fang Jie seemed, she disliked Yuan Chengshi and Liu Shuang’s behavior even more. She was forced into this group since Mo Wanwu only took Fang Jie and Zhang Kuang.

What made her more upset was the girl beside Yuan Chengshi.

Her name was Niu Miao, and she was the youngest daughter of Grand Scholar Niu Huilun of Belvedere of Literary Profundity. She should be lady-like and conservative since she was born in the Niu Family that had a scholarly history, but Niu Miao was more famous than some women in pleasure quarters.

Although she didn’t sleep around, she only befriended the young masters of big families rather than the ladies of big families.

The residents of Chang’an were already used to her touring around with different young masters, and they called her Niu Huahua behind her back. Since Huahua means flower, they used this name to highlight how coquettish she was.

Since this girl met Yuan Chengshi in the Martial Arts Academy, they always appeared together. Niu Huahua already thought of herself as the daughter-in-law of Governor-General Yuan Chongwu of River-North Circuit.

These two families were a match as well. One’s father was the Grand Scholar of Belvedere of Literary Profundity. Even though he had no real power, his status was extremely high. The other’s father was a rank 2 official who managed millions of people.

Ma Lilian didn’t like Niu Huahua, and Niu Huahua didn’t like Ma Lilian as well.

It was said that there were rarely true friendships between women.

If these two girls didn’t mind others laughing at them, they would have fought each other.

Although Ma Lilian was the daughter of a general, and she liked martial arts, she was conservative and didn’t like other women being coquettish. Although Niu Huahua was the daughter of a scholar, it seemed like she didn’t know the boundary between the two genders.

These two girls were interesting characters.

They were the only two girls in Class Yi, so many male students in the class tried to get close to them. Of course, Fang Jie was an exception.

Niu Huahua liked Fang Jie since he was more handsome than Yuan Chengshi. However, Fang Jie rarely looked at her, so how could she get used to it? She developed slight hatred for Fang Jie since she was always the center of attention and had gotten used to others flattering and spoiling her.

“Gongzi Yuan, don’t beat him too hard. The Emperor likes Fang Jie quite a lot, so it won’t be worth it if he reports you to His Majesty,” Niu Huahua said with a smile.

Liu Shuang replied, “What? Ms. Niu, are you interested in that little white face?”

[TL Note: Little white face is a term used to describe handsome men who relied on women for money.]

“F*ck you!” Niu Huahua instantly cursed, not giving Liu Shuang any respect.

Her father was a grand scholar. Although he had no real power, he would see the Emperor frequently.

Liu Shuang’s father was the governor of Chu State and quite influential locally, but he was inferior compared to officials in Chang’an.

Grand Scholar Niu Huilun could ruin Liu Shuang’s father’s career, but the latter couldn’t do anything to him.

Besides, Niu Huahua was quite close to Yuan Chengshi, so Liu Shuang wasn’t in a position to say anything.

Yuan Chongwu was the governor-general of River-North Circuit, and that circuit was right next to the northwest of Great Sui. If the government was going to wage a war in the northwest, River-North Circuit would become an extremely important strategic territory, and Yuan Chongwu would have even more power. Liu Shuang wanted to get close to the Yuan Family, so he didn’t dare to say anything to Niu Huahua at this moment.

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