Chapter 157: Willing to Use Bait When Fishing (2) (Part One)

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Fang Henshui didn’t put up that much of a fight before submitting. Perhaps his mind would change if he learned that these people were students of the Martial Arts Academy. However, he was only a little police chief from a remote town; he had never been to Chang’an and didn’t know the uniforms of the Martial Arts Academy.

He knew that these two monks were cultivators. But if he knew that the people below were from the Martial Arts Academy, he would instantly think that these people were stronger. Even though he was sure that these two monks were terrifying, Fang Henshui was a member of Great Sui, and he subconsciously believed that the Martial Arts Academy was where the most powerful people in the world were at.

He didn’t know, so it was good for him to make the other choice. It was fortunate that he didn’t recognize the uniform of the Martial Arts Academy, and he was lucky that he chickened out this time.

He didn’t die right here.

When he slid down the side of the hill, he instantly attracted the attention of Yuan Chengshi and others.

At the same time, the students in the front pulled out their sabers. Although they only studied in the academy for a few days, they were able to form a defensive array quickly. They made a circle as each of them faced outward. This circular array could defend against attacks from every direction.

When they found that the person rolling down the hill was covered in blood and dirt, they lowered their guard, and some of them even gasped.

“Save me…” Fang Henshui knelt on his all fours and begged, “I’m severely injured, and I still have a peer who is being captured by criminals on the mountain. I was lucky to escape… Please save me.”

“You are from Yangtze-South?” Liu Shuang frowned slightly before asking and riding forward on his horse.

“Yeah… I’m the police chief of Du County, Chu State, Yangtze-South Circuit,” Fang Henshui said while panting, “I’m here on a business trip, but a few criminals kidnapped my peer and me. They wanted to ask for ransom, but they decided to kill us after learning that we are from Yangtze-South and don’t have relatives in Chang’an. I managed to get lucky and escape when they weren’t looking. Please save me,” Fang Henshui kowtowed while speaking; he looked tragic and disheveled.

“You said you are from Du County, Chu State, Yangtze-South Circuit?” Liu Shuang froze for a second and asked, “Do you have proof?”

After all, Liu Shuang was from Chu State, and his father was the governor.

Fang Henshui managed to take off the police chief token that he kept on his belt, and he handed it to Liu Shuang with both hands while saying, “Gongzi, please take a look. This is my identity token.”

Liu Shuang grabbed and looked at it before looking back at Yuan Chengshi and saying, “He is indeed a police chief, and his dialect is from Chu State. There shouldn’t be a mistake. I’m surprised that such criminals roam around the Capital and dare to kidnap policemen of Great Sui. Brother Maocheng, should we get involved?”

Yuan Chengshi’s zi was Maocheng.

Yuan Chengshi thought for a moment and shook his head. He said, “We still have the competition to finish; we don’t have time for such a minor matter. Give him some food and a few taels of silver. Tell him to report to the police of Chang’an.”

“No!” Fang Henshui crawled a few steps forward and blocked Yuan Chengshi’s path. Then, he cried, “I still have a peer on the mountain! If those criminals find out that I escaped, they would kill him for sure! We are all citizens of Great Sui! You have to save him as well!”

While begging, he opened his ragged clothes and showed the places where his flesh got cut off, making these students gasp.

Yuan Chengshi frowned in disgust and replied, “We have something urgent to do. Giving you food and money is already delaying us! If you keep on blocking the way, you will know the consequences!”

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