Chapter 157: Willing to Use Bait When Fishing (2) (Part Three)

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“They must have encountered trouble if they aren’t lost,” Fang Jie said, “Although those people from big families are arrogant, it is hard for them to get lost. How could the students of the Martial Arts Academy be wastrels? However, I can’t think of any troubles that might delay them. This isn’t the border, so it is impossible to encounter enemies.”

“You are right.” Zhang Kuang hesitated and suggested, “How about we separate and move forward a bit?”

“Ok!” Fang Jie nodded and gave Zhang Kuang one of the few signal fireworks that he brought with him. He said, “If anything happens, just send the signal. The Professor should be close to us. After all, he shouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the students.”

“Eh.” Zhang Kuang took the signal firework and put it in his pocket. Then, he slid down the tree smoothly and traveled in the forest with his back bent, soon disappearing. Fang Jie saw Zhang Kuang leaving marks on trees with his dagger while moving forward. This was the standard action of a scout, triggering Fang Jie’s memories about his life at Fangu.

After Zhang Kuang disappeared, Fang Jie also slid down the tree and moved in the direction five degrees away from that of Zhang Kuang, leaving marks as he dashed forward.

After he disappeared, Mo Wanwu appeared on the tree that they were on.

He looked in the direction that Fang Jie disappeared in with a solemn and concerned expression.

Mo Wanwu moved after Fang Jie disappeared for about three minutes. He kept the same distance from Fang Jie, not letting the latter discover him. It was hard to tell why he chose to follow Fang Jie and not Zhang Kuang.

Fang Jie dashed forward in the forest with his center of gravity low. He was fast and agile, and he was on high alert, not lowering his guard because this was a competition and not a deathmatch.

This was how Fang Jie behaved, and it was hard to change.

After moved for about one kilometer, Fang Jie quickly got on a tree and camouflaged himself. Although he only moved five degrees away from Zhang Kuang in the beginning, they were quite distant from each other now.

Fang Jie observed the area for a while, and he still didn’t see any traces of Yuan Chengshi and others.

“Could it be that they encountered real danger?” Fang Jie frowned and reached for his waist subconsciously, and he felt a lot calmer when he touched that half-broken saber.

He started to feel unsettled when he recalled seeing the strange light in Mo Wanwu’s eyes several times.

“Strange… What is strange about that? Isn’t this only a competition within the Martial Arts Academy?”

Ma Lilian was still in the back of the group. Even though she didn’t want to, she was a girl, so other students wouldn’t let her walk in the very front which was extremely dangerous.

Liu Shuang was smart, so he didn’t follow Fang Henshui tightly. He kept a distance between him and Fang Henshui, and his right hand didn’t let go of the saber.

“How much further?” Liu Shuang asked with displeasure.

Fang Henshui who was leading the way panted and said in a low voice, “Gongzi, we are almost there. See the protruding boulder? The bandits’ homebase is behind that boulder, and it is in a cave. They should be finding food right now; we can go up and rescue my peer.”

After saying that, Fang Henshui continued to climb. After a few steps, he felt something strange and looked back. He suddenly saw these ten people looking at him coldly. The empathy disappeared, and only hostility could be seen in their eyes.

Fang Henshui could even sense the murderous spirit from Liu Shuang’s eyes, but he didn’t know what he did to cause this change.

“Speak!” Liu Shuang pointed at Fang Henshui’s nose with his saber and said, “Who are you?”

“I…” Just as Fang Henshui was about to reply, he saw that young monk walking out from behind a big tree. The young monk placed his palms together, bowed toward everyone, and said calmly, “Everyone, welcome to the Western Pure Land, the Western Paradise.”

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