Chapter 158: Willing to Use Bait When Fishing (3) (Part One)

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All these students shivered a little when they saw this handsome young monk, and they got fearful. They all knew a little about the Buddhist Sect, and they heard that the Buddhist Sect promoted the idea that the west was the Western Paradise. However, this was Great Sui and not Mongo-Yuan.

“You are from the Buddhist Sect?” Liu Shuang who took a step back subconsciously asked in surprise, then he tightened his grip on his saber. These students weren’t rookies, and they quickly calmed down and gathered. They even protected Ma Lilian in the middle, glaring at this peaceful young monk with alertness.

“Thanks,” Chenya bowed and said earnestly.

Liu Shuang didn’t want to stand in the front, but he discovered that his peers already set up an array. If he took a step back forcefully, this opponent could find weaknesses of the array.

He didn’t understand why this monk was here, in the center of Great Sui.

In theory, regardless of how powerful a member of the Buddhist Sect was, they wouldn’t dare to step into Great Sui.

Liu Shuang took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

“Thanks? Why are you thanking us?” he asked.

Chenya straightened his back and replied with a smile, “Thank you for being the fish.”

Liu Shuang didn’t instantly understand Chenya. He only understood what Chenya meant after glancing at this young monk, and anger replaced the panic in his mind. Although he wasn’t a man of virtue, his pride as a member of Great Sui made him raise his chest.

“Who is the fish? Are you sure?” he asked Chenya.

Chenya nodded and pointed at all the students before saying, “You are all the fish.”

Then, he pointed at Fang Henshui and said, “He is a member of Great Sui, but he is only a bait right now.”

Next, he pointed at himself and said calmly, “I’m the fishing net.”

Liu Shuang looked back at his peers, and they quickly communicated through their expressions. Then, Liu Shuang stared at Chenya and said, “You must be powerful since you appeared here, so perhaps you don’t think of us as opponents. However, I’m sure you heard of a saying.”


“Even if the fish die, they would break the net.”

After saying that, Liu Shuang leaped up and struck his saber toward Chenya’s head.

This battle occurred suddenly, and not many words were exchanged. All these students knew that the Buddhist Sect was the enemy of Great Sui. Even if this monk wasn’t from the Buddhist Sect, his appearance close to Chang’an was illegal, making him their enemy.

Liu Shuang’s saber was fast, and he shouted while attacking, “Ma Lilian! Go back to get reinforcements! Others, protect her!”

After shouting, his saber was less than an inch away from Chenya’s head.

Then, Liu Shuang died.

It seemed like Chenya was slow in raising his hand, but his fingers reached Liu Shuang’s forehead before the latter’s saber could get to him.

Then, Liu Shuang, who was in mid-air, shook, and his head suddenly tilted backward. An arrow of blood shot out from the back of his head, and this proud student of the Martial Arts Academy died before he knew who his enemy was.

Bam! Liu Shuang’s body slammed the ground, sending dust into the air.

Although other students didn’t like Liu Shuang, their eyes turned red when he fell to the ground with the bloody hole in his head.

“Attack!” A student charged at Chenya with his saber and struck forward when he was a few steps away from Chenya. Although his cultivation strength wasn’t high, he was able to somewhat cast a saber spirit. The saber spirit that was less than a meter long in front of the blade was sharper than the blade, but it didn’t even cut through Chenya’s robe. The saber spirit was knocked away before it could get within one inch of Chenya.

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