Chapter 158: Willing to Use Bait When Fishing (3) (Part Two)

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Chenya pointed his finger at this student with a smile, and this student died.

From Chenya’s perspective, these students were a group of idiots who wanted to commit suicide, and he felt like every member of Great Sui was an idiot. Comparatively, Fang Henshui was much smarter in his mind, and he liked him more compared to others. However, he still only had hatred for the people of Great Sui.

Three people died under Chenya’s Flower-Picking Finger, and the last person was still twitching as he fell.

Ma Lilian had run for about six steps, and she screamed when she turned her head and saw this scene. Then, she was tripped by something and fell. She struggled to get up and wanted to battle alongside her peers, but she heard her peers’ roars, “Go away! Find the Professor!”

Ma Lilian started to regret not bringing signal fireworks with her.

Ma Lilian stumbled as she ran down the mountain. She suddenly stepped into the air and rolled down the hill. Her body slammed into tree roots and rocks, but she couldn’t sense any pain. She was the daughter of the Guide General, and she loved bothering her father and asking him to tell her stories about battles. However, stories were only stories, and she had never seen a dead person before. Also, she never realized how terrifying death was.

She watched her peers die in the hands of that young monk one after another, and those familiar figures fell to the ground in the most powerless way.

They were also fearless. They already knew the huge difference in cultivation strength between them and this young monk, but they still stayed behind and tried to buy time for Ma Lilian. Most of them were young masters of big families, and they were arrogant from living in comfort since they were born. However, none of them tried to escape at this moment.

Except for Liu Shuang, the other two students who got killed were from the military. They had the least amount of fear. As soldiers, they already had the mindset of sacrificing themselves for Great Sui.

After Liu Shuang died, the two of them covered each other as they dashed forward. One pretended to attack while the other sneak attacked. They were well-trained, and they unleashed their full strength. However, they were still weaker than Chenya’s fingers.

Liu Shuang died, and those two students from the military also died.

There were only six students now blocking Chenya’s way.

The six of them formed a circular array. Even though they didn’t attack and slowly moved down the mountain with their backs against each other, the terrain turned their circular array extremely fragile. Since they were at a slope and not on flat land, they couldn’t guarantee the stability of this circular array even if they didn’t move.

Chenya didn’t seem to be in a hurry to stop the girl who was running away to get reinforcements. Instead, his interest was piqued by the uniforms that these students were wearing.

These students had the same uniform and used the same style of sabers.

“You aren’t soldiers, but your uniforms and sabers are the same. Even your backpacks are the same. Your clothes are unique… Let me take a guess…” Chenya said while walking forward. After pondering for a few seconds, he said with a smile, “I got it. You are all students of the Martial Arts Academy, right?”

Hearing this, Fang Henshui felt like an explosion went off in his mind. He collapsed onto the ground and looked at the three corpses that had expressions of pain on their faces. He didn’t think that he would be destroying the lives of some students of the Martial Arts Academy one day.

An immense sense of guilt appeared in his mind, and he had a hard time breathing under the heavy pressure.

“Feeling guilty?” At this moment, the devil-like old monk appeared behind him. The old monk sat on that protruding boulder cross-legged, and he pointed at the three corpses while saying to Fang Henshui, “No matter what happens, you are now an enemy of Great Sui. You only have one ending in Great Sui if others learn that you betrayed the students of the Martial Arts Academy; you will be torn into pieces.”

“Collect all the food on them. If you can do it, cut the flesh off them with your saber. You know that the path out of Great Sui is still long, and it will be painful for you if we don’t have food. Of course, you still have to do it even if you can’t do it.”

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