Chapter 159: Close-Range (Part One)

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Ma Lilian didn’t think that there would be a man blocking the attack for her when she was about to die. After seeing that this man was Fang Jie, she couldn’t calm herself down.

Her tensed-up mind almost collapsed, and her unshakable hands holding the saber started to shiver. Regardless of how tough she was, she was a girl who hadn’t experienced anything like this. Her performance was already excellent so far.

“Thank you,” Ma Lilian said as she bit her lips, completely ignoring the fact that Fang Jie told her to f*ck off. She had never been touched like this before; it was because no one saw how Fang Jie blocked that finger strike for her other than her.

The half-broken saber shook, and Fang Jie’s arms weren’t stable as well. She even saw the muscles on Fang Jie’s arms trembling.

She knew Fang Jie’s condition better than anyone as well; she knew that he probably couldn’t defeat this young monk, yet he appeared like this.

“What is your name?” Fang Jie asked.

“Ma Lilian,” she replied.

“Do you know that you are annoying? Except for annoying me by standing there, you can’t help at all. If you don’t want to die, just go away! Also, those few behind you… What else could you guys do except for dying? Why didn’t you run?”

“You aren’t running!” Ma Lilian took a step forward and said loudly, “Why should we run!”

Bam! Fang Jie kicked Ma Lilian in the belly without looking back, and this stubborn girl rolled down the hill. She looked to be in pain when she finally stood up in the end.

What Fang Jie said and what he did to Ma Lilian enraged the other students, and they quickly ran down the hill to help Ma Lilian while cursing him.

Fang Jie didn’t turn around and didn’t even hear the curses. Even when he talked to and kicked Ma Lilian, his eyes focused on Chenya. Although he only saw this young monk once before, he memorized how he looked.

When Fang Jie first saw Chenya’s face, the latter was severely injured, and he was being pulled by that old monk. Fang Jie’s saber also left an injury on Chenya’s body.

Less than ten days passed by, yet Chenya looked like a new person who had never been injured before.

Fang Jie was enraged. He finally understood the meaning behind Mo Wanwu’s strange glares at him.

This so-called competition was probably planned way ahead of time. Mo Wanwu knew that these two monks were hiding on Half Moon Mountain, but he didn’t tell the students including Fang Jie.

This was the source of Fang Jie’s anger.

He didn’t like being used by others like an idiot, and he didn’t like how Mo Wanwu did things. Not only did he use Fang Jie as bait, but he also ignored the lives of the other students in Class Yi.

People of Great Sui shouldn’t do this, even though Mo Wanwu probably did the right thing if this situation was observed from a higher level.

If Mo Wanwu appeared in front of Fang Jie, Fang Jie perhaps would punch his nose in. However, what Fang Jie wanted to do more was to kill this young monk.

“I see.” Chenya quickly understood the situation and said with a smile, “I finally got a new understanding of people of Great Sui. In order to achieve a goal, you guys are also ruthless and could sacrifice the lives of innocent people. Now, I don’t know where your innate pride comes from. It seems so fake.”

“What a dumb oversimplification.” Fang Jie seemed to have lowered his guard. He even dared to bend his back and tear ribbons of cloth from his clothes to tighten his sleeves. The uniform of the academy was a bit loose; it wasn’t suitable for battle.

“There are hundreds of millions of people in Great Sui. There got to be a few b*stards.” Fang Jie took a step forward.

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