Chapter 159: Close-Range (Part Two)

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“Do you really think you can survive?” Chenya seemed extremely interested after seeing Fang Jie prepare for battle earnestly. He said, “I thought when I see you again, I would kill you immediately and not waste any time. I’m even surprised why I allowed you to talk to me for so long. It seems like you aren’t thankful. Don’t you know how many weaknesses you exposed when you did all that?”

“That is why you are a dumb*ss.” Fang Jie heaved a long sigh and said, “When you had the best chance to kill me, you hesitated and wondered if this is a trap. Now, you should know that it wasn’t a trap. I only feel like I can beat you better with my sleeves tightened. Are you disappointed?”

Chenya’s expression changed a bit, and he sighed and said, “You can die now.”

Then, he raised his fingers and pointed at Fang Jie’s forehead.

The old monk’s status was extremely high; he was the second heavenly lord out of the four.

About 11 years ago, Great Wheel Wisdom King went into the secret chamber to cultivate, and his first disciple and the first heavenly lord, Great Freedom, was tasked with managing everything.

As a result, it seemed like Wisdom’s status increased as well. As long as he wasn’t in Great Sui, he would be worshipped and treated with the highest level of respect.

However, he had to hide in a desolate mountain in Great Sui, so it was extremely shameful.

One interesting thing was that the old monk could make everything sound beautiful. Even though this was shameful, Wisdom could tell others that the Buddha had mercy and would want to experience how low the world could get.

Despite all that, Chenya didn’t dare to make Wisdom walk. After he captured Fang Henshui, he made a sedan chair and carried Wisdom with Fang Henshui.

Wisdom didn’t seem surprised when Fang Jie appeared, and he didn’t stop Chenya from attacking. However, no one knew it more than him that if he wanted to kill Fang Jie, he would have turned Fang Jie into a pile of ash when he first met him. He didn’t do it, and it went against his initial goal when he sent Chenya to hunt down Fang Jie.

When he saw Fang Jie, he suddenly realized how wrong he was.

After understanding the situation, he sweated profusely and decided to let Fang Jie live. After entering this mountain, he thought about something else and figured that it was better if Fang Jie was dead, so that was why he didn’t stop Chenya from attacking.

He knew the consequences of this decision, but he didn’t need to worry about all that at this moment. He couldn’t tell anyone about his thoughts, not even Chenya.

When Fang Jie released the signal firework, this powerful old monk didn’t stop him. If he wanted to, Fang Jie couldn’t release it regardless of how far he was from this old monk.

Then, this old monk did something shocking to everyone, including Chenya.

After the signal firework exploded and before Chenya got to Fang Jie, this old monk suddenly leaped up from the boulder and dashed away with Fang Henshui, soon disappearing. It felt like a falcon was flying away with its prey in its claws.

At this moment, Chenya pointed at Fang Jie’s forehead, and he got distracted.

Chenya was way stronger than Fang Jie, so Fang Jie was going to die. However, Chenya couldn’t bear the anger and humiliation when his master escaped without warning him, ditching him like garbage.

Fang Jie quickly lowered his head, and the finger force from Chenya zoomed by above his head and put a hole into a giant tree. However, the finger force didn’t disappear. It continued to dash forward, breaking a tree branch before leaving a deep hole in a boulder.

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