Chapter 159: Close-Range (Part Three)

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Boom! The boulder was shattered into pieces.

Fang Jie felt lucky since Chenya showed a weakness.

This young monk’s mentality was broken. He didn’t retrieve his finger force and let it loose. When the finger force struck the boulder, it didn’t seem like a streak of finger force but an angry fist.

Fang Jie quickly struck toward Chenya, and his right arm suddenly bent bizarrely, aiming toward Chenya’s chest at an unimaginable angle.

Even though Chenya was fast, he lost his cool when Fang Jie counterattacked, and he had to take a step back to avoid Fang Jie’s strange strike.

He wanted to turn around and see why his master ditched him.

Without his master, how long could he last when the cultivation masters of Great Sui get here after seeing the signal firework? Chenya’s head was filled with messy thoughts.

When someone wanted to retreat, this person had lost all advantages.

Chenya could easily kill Fang Jie, at least he thought so. However, he was forced back by Fang Jie repeatedly.

Those students didn’t run far. Although they were angered by Fang Jie’s rudeness, they inherited the unyielding will of Great Sui that may seem foolish at times. After seeing Fang Jie getting the advantage, they were overjoyed. Even though some of them were hostile toward Fang Jie, they were cheering for him now.

Ma Lilian’s eyes locked onto this young man. For some reason, she didn’t hate him for kicking her.

When they thought that Fang Jie was going to win, Chenya who realized that he was ditched grew vicious. He suddenly grabbed Fang Jie’s right hand and twisted it.

Crack! Fang Jie’s right arm broke, and the half-broken saber fell to the ground.

“You are still too weak. Although you are stronger than them, you are only a bigger ant in my eyes. Don’t you like swinging saber with a broken arm? I will satisfy your wish,” Chenya said while twisting Fang Jie’s arm again.

As a result, Fang Jie’s body twitched in pain.

Chenya’s expression was wicked now; it seemed like he couldn’t bear the stress of his master leaving him.

Ma Lilian and others gasped; it seemed like Fang Jie was in a dangerous situation.

“I like… swinging saber with a broken arm. What do you like?” Fang Jie who should be in pain asked this question.

Chenya was surprised and then saw Fang Jie’s red eyes. For some reason, this pair of eyes made him a little fearful even though Fang Jie was weak in his eyes.

“You like using fingers,” Fang Jie sneered, “I like to use them as well from time to time.”

Chenya’s expression changed, and he looked down subconsciously. Then, he saw Fang Jie’s left hand piercing into his abdomen in a strange way.

Fang Jie’s left hand moved forward even more, shattering Chenya’s sea of qi.

“Sometimes, I like using my entire arm!” Fang Jie grinned viciously and didn’t seem to care about his broken right arm.

Chenya was horrified and suddenly thought, “Did this demon-like young man let me grab his right arm on purpose?”

After all, Fang Jie wasn’t good at long-range attacks. His only chance of winning was getting into the close-range.

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