Chapter 16: Can’t Lose (Part One)

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“Damn it!” Fang Jie cussed and then unsheathed the saber produced by the military of Great Sui from his back. This was the only thing that he wanted to bring with him from Fangu to remember this place. Out of everything including his uniform, he only took this saber from his residence at the back of Gold Essence Shop.

He had a total of 3,927 taels of silver. Among them, 3,800 taels of silver were in the form of silver certificates, and the rest which were 127 silver taels were in his bag. In theory, these taels of silver were made in Fangu, so he would think of Fangu when he saw them. However, silver was for spending, and Fang Jie wasn’t the type of person who would be unwilling to spend these silver taels in Chang’an simply because they were made in Fangu.

Except for purchasing things, silver had no other purpose. At least it wasn’t supposed to be used as a thing of remembrance.

The saber was different. Fang Jie’s name was engraved on it, and as well as the name of his troop.

[Fangu Troop One – Fang Jie]. These words were enough to draw the memories of Fangu from the depths of Fang Jie’s mind. If no accident happened, Fang Jie would hang this saber at the study of his new residence in Chang’an. If he saw this saber, he would always recall his acquaintances in Fangu and the events that were worth remembering.

This saber was the connection between Fang Jie and Fangu that couldn’t be severed.

But now, Fang Jie drew out this saber and was going to sever this relationship.

It was all because of this sound of bugle.

If nothing strange happened, the well-trained soldiers of Great Sui would arrive in less than ten minutes. Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan could ignore these six royal guards, but they couldn’t block 800 elite soldiers who were tasked with protecting the border. Mu Xiaoyao was a top-tier level 5 master, and Shang Guohen was a low-tier level 5 master. Even if they were level 8 masters, they couldn’t block 800 elite soldiers. The combat strength of 800 elite soldiers wasn’t the simple addition of all their individual strength.

Since the elite soldiers on the borders were great at combat, their weapons and armor were also exceptional

They had strong bows, repeating crossbows, and even the blooming fireworks which the Ministry of War of Great Sui just created last year. Blooming fireworks were bombs. Although their damage was a lot weaker compared the bombs that Fang Jie recalled from his previous life, a level 8 master couldn’t dodge hundreds of them. Even if this master wouldn’t die from the explosions, injuries couldn’t be avoided. With an arrow rain and a blooming firework storm, it wouldn’t be challenging for 800 elite soldiers to trap and kill a level 8 master.

Before a powerful military, powerful individual combat strength couldn’t make a decisive effect.

Fang Jie took out his saber since he knew that he only had ten minutes.

Troop Three was guarding the gate, and Fang Jie was close with most of them. It would take about five minutes for the soldiers on the western city wall to get down, so the 20 soldiers at the gate were the connections that Fang Jie had to sever.

“Go and help Mu Xiaoyao!” Fang Jie roared and charged forward. Perhaps Fang Jie was in pain when he drew his saber since these 20 soldiers were his friends. However, he wouldn’t hesitate since these friends might kill him today.

In Great Sui, military orders were paramount, and the soldiers would never go against them.

On the other hand, Fang Jie wasn’t willing to ditch his own life, even if he had to kill.

Da Quan didn’t hesitate, and he jumped forward. Rather than helping Mu Xiaoyao, he charged at the soldiers who were guarding the gate. Fang Jie froze for a second but then quickly followed. He knew that Da Quan’s decision was the most correct; there was no doubt that Fang Jie’s heart was still a little soft at this moment.

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