Chapter 160: Recalling the Past (Part One)

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Fang Jie’s left hand pierced into Chenya’s abdomen before shattering this monk’s sea of qi.

The intense pain and fear made this proud monk lose his strength. His hands that were on Fang Jie’s right arm lowered, and he slowly knelt onto the ground with plea in his eyes.

Fang Jie dropped onto the ground and breathed heavily. Then, he smiled bitterly as he looked at his right arm that was twisted.

Chenya fell onto his back, and Fang Jie’s left arm was taken out of his body.

Fang Jie’s left arm was covered in blood, and it smelled bad.

The pain made Fang Jie sweat profusely, and the sweat drops slid down his face.

He sat there like a deflated balloon.

Ma Lilian and the other students were dumbfounded.

Ma Lilian reacted first and charged forward while calling out Fang Jie’s name. Since she was so anxious, she tripped over herself twice. When she crawled to Fang Jie, Professor Mo Wanwu arrived as well.

Mo Wanwu was severely injured. One of his shoulders seemed severely dislocated, and that arm hung on the side like a strip of cloth. He was pale, looking to be in a worse situation compared to Fang Jie. He came from the direction where the old monk escaped with Fang Henshui. Clearly, he went to block that old monk and was injured.

He stumbled when he jumped off a tree, and he couldn’t regain his balance and fell. When Fang Jie saw his apologetic glance, Fang Jie felt like he shouldn’t blame this professor. However, Fang Jie quickly threw this thought out of his mind.

Two students leaped over to support Mo Wanwu, and they didn’t know what to do.

“How are you?” Ma Lilian helped Fang Jie off the ground.

Fang Jie panted, and the intense pain made him unable to speak. He pointed at the half-broken saber not far away, and his fingers shivered in the air.

Ma Lilian reached out and grabbed the saber, but Fang Jie shook his head when she passed it to him.

“What is your name?” Fang Jie asked after swallowing a bit of saliva.

“Ma Lilian…” At this moment, Ma Lilian felt a little sad since Fang Jie didn’t even remember her name.

“What a terrible name…” This damn guy in her arms smiled, and a streak of blood flowed out of his mouth.

Ma Lilian panicked, and she tried to wipe the blood for Fang Jie. However, the blood didn’t stop. Whenever Fang Jie opened his mouth, blood flowed out.

“Damn it… I was too slow in the end.”

Fang Jie cursed as he looked down at his chest. There was a small hole in front of his heart. When he approached Chenya and let the latter capture him on purpose, Chenya’s finger force was aimed at his chest.

At that moment, Fang Jie was extremely calm. He thought he would fear death, but he didn’t get fearful at all when death was so close to him.

“So, after dying one, I’m calm when I’m about to die the second time. I thought I would be more scared.”

Ma Lilian tried to stop blood from flowing out of Fang Jie’s chest, but she was clumsy and couldn’t do it.

Fang Jie grabbed Ma Lilian’s hand with his bloody left hand and asked weakly, “Have you killed before?”

Ma Lilian froze for a second and shook her head. She was crying, and her tears flowed faster than Fang Jie’s blood.

“Then give it a try. Kill him.” Fang Jie looked toward Chenya whose body was still twitching.

“He… is already dead,” Ma Lilian replied in a shaky voice.

“No… Slit his throat or cut his heart. Otherwise, I don’t feel safe.”

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