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Conquer the World Chapter 160.3

Chapter 160: Recalling the Past (Part Three)

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Wisdom had the Vajra Physique, but his heart meridian was injured when Du Hongxian punched him. At the critical moment, he clenched his teeth and shot out all the internal forces in his body, destroying all the big trees ten meters around him.

To save Du Hongxian, Li Nan blocked in front of her, dying instantly. Both Zhuo Buyi and Phoenix-Chirp Daoist were injured.

The full-force attack of a heavenly lord of the Buddhist Sect was terrifying like a natural disaster.

Li Nan escaped 11 years ago. That was why Du Hongxian, who lived through that big battle, looked at him with contempt. Now 11 years later, Li Nan still ended up dying in the hands of the Buddhist Sect, but he redeemed himself.

When he died, half of his body was already shattered, and he looked at Du Hongxian with an apologetic smile.

Du Hongxian squatted down by him and whispered, “They are all waiting for you.”

Li Nan nodded in satisfaction and closed his eyes.

After paying a hefty price, four top-tier level 9 masters still couldn’t capture Wisdom. It was hard to accept this outcome, especially for Phoenix-Chirp Daoist. This proud red-robed daoist finally obtained a clear understanding of the difference between him and Wisdom.

These level 9 masters also finally confirmed that there was a group of cultivators standing above level 9.

How long would it take the Daoist Sect to surpass the Buddhist Sect?

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist didn’t know the answer; perhaps he wouldn’t know the answer in his lifetime.

After resting for a while, Wisdom Heavenly Lord who recovered some stamina slowly opened his eyes and pointed at the entrance of the cave while saying to Fang Henshui, “Go find some water. Be careful and don’t let those people see you. Although they are injured and couldn’t recover for a few days, we are still close to the Capital of Great Sui.

Fang Henshui who also recovered a little nodded and carefully crawled out of the cave. Upon seeing that no one was clear, he left the cave.

After Fang Henshui left, Wisdom heaved a long sigh, and his expression suddenly changed. In the end, he couldn’t hold it back and puked out a mouthful of blood.

He looked to the side subconsciously and only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Fang Henshui wasn’t back.

It was indeed a powerful attack when he unleashed all his internal forces, but he would need to recover for a while. For a period, he would be weaker than a child.

“Chenya, don’t blame me,” Wisdom murmured as hatred flashed in his eyes, “I only thought through this now. You and even me… Great Freedom intentionally directed us onto this path of death to Great Sui. However, your death was meaningless. I thought by ditching you there with Fang Jie, those people would save Fang Jie by capturing you first. However, they completely ignored Fang Jie! It is hard to guess these people’s minds…”

Wisdom sighed, and the hatred in his eyes intensified. “Great Freedom, your scheme of hitting two birds with one stone is excellent. If I didn’t encounter Fang Jie, I probably still wouldn’t understand your viciousness. Master… since this is the case, why didn’t you stop me 15 years ago? You watched me send people to hunt Fang Jie for 15 years. Now, 15 years later, he is all grown up, and you are now letting Great Freedom kill me with this trap. Master, it must be hard for you to tolerate me for 15 years.”

“Mong Ge!” Wisdom growled unwillingly, “You are also an idiot! The person you want to kill has this identity! Hahaha! If you learn about this, would you feel unwilling like me?”

[TL Note: The plot seems a little messy now, and it will be for a little while to build the history and background. All these clues are important to Fang Jie’s identity.]

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